determining sex issues

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by zee_baron, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. good day all, i would like to know if a trait of a male plant was perhaps: long spaces between internodes. And when the large leaves grow 2 smaller branches on the same internode.?
    if it means anything, there is about 7 internodes on most plants, all with 7 blades on each leaf. thank you,but please, only experienced growers resopnd! Danke!

    green is good.
  2. the only way to tell a male from female is when a plant is sex... outdoor plant sex on there self around end of aug.........

  3. Uh, I think you meant end of July? If they didn't show sex until the end of August growers in the north would be fucked.
  4. not down here... im in Cali, and my plant shown it sexs in the end of augs..... i know some people had preflowers in end of july, but my plants always flower end of aug, it set for these one i got right know, they auto flower around the middle or may at 18 inches. i harvest in oct....... Cali Rocks...............For growing outdoorss......

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