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  1. Two detectives visited my friend today, and accused him of selling weed. Basically without going into too much detail, they told him they have proof and the only reason they showed up instead of the SWAT because they think he is "small-time". My friend is ceasing all his current activities, but him and the rest of his family do smoke and keep personal amounts. Just wondering what y'all think about that, and if y'all think they will keep their word to not raid him as long as his activities cease.

  2. If two detectives came "knowing" of his business without making an arrest or having a search warrant, I would confidently say (in your friend's place) that these two TRUE detectives can go fuck themselves. In the nicest way possible with the fullest extent of my first amendment. 
    But contact a lawyer first.
    If they believed his activities to have seized, there would be no point of a raid, except to waste resources on their part. And alternatively, if your friend has truly seized all activity, he shouldn't fear a raid- again, because there's no reason for one to go down.
  5. I would never trust a police promise, ever. I can't stress that enough. I would never trust a word that comes from any of them swines.  
    In my unprofessional opinion if they had any substantial evidence on your friend they'd probably have him arrested and/or booked. They love to intimidate and pressure people into admitting guilt.  
    Idk though. I'd be shitting bricks if the police showed up @ my door regardless of the situation. 
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    If they didn't arrest him, then they don't have any proof.  They have a hunch and were fishing for an easy catch. (edit- because they are fucking pussies -end edit)
    second edit for any detectives out there- you're good guys, mad respect, my uncle was a detective but liked patrol better, I'm just saying detectives need to focus on real criminals.  Potheads should not even be a fleeting thought in their mind.
  7. They dont have shit on him, they were there on a phishing expedition, if the cops have that sort of evidence they aren't gona let you sit around freely giving u a chance to escape or thwart there investigation, they will get that warrent and lock u in a box and question you later. I had a detective tell me somthing similar, i laughed in her face and told her strate up your a lieing pig, of you had any evidence i had committed a crime this!convorsation would be taking place in an interrogation room, not a blockbuster parking lot hahaha

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