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Detailed and random CEV's (Closed Eye Visuals)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by devilsheep, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Whenever I smoke the herb, I always have very detailed and most often quite random CEV's. I close my eyes, and almost immediately I start seeing things. These things can range from animals, to moving shapes, to people's faces that I know, to just straight up abstract figures.

    For example, I once closed my eyes and saw 6 snakes that were racing along a path, but it then turned into a rollercoaster that moved around and was somewhat colourful. Another time I saw my ex-girlfriends face on a rat, turning its head and looking right at me.

    Also, while listening to music it's almost magnified. One time while listening to thriller by MJ, my mind visualized a stage and about 20-30 shoes, all dancing in sync with eachother to the music. Another time while listening to a song I saw myself in my school hallway singing and dancing to the tune.

    I dunno, everyone I talk to about this thinks theres something wrong with my mind, so am I really alone on this?
  2. I want what you are smoking!!!! Hahahana
  3. Sativa doesn't that express your creative side, that's what I thought
  4. I get the same thing its like random objects moving and it seems so familiar its crazy
  5. Almost like i had dejavu of it, first time i smoked it bugged me out
  6. I have closed eye visuals when im high and often its me driving one of the cars from that wierd playstation game "wipeout"
  7. I get it too, but only after a tbreak or really good weed
  8. what he said
  9. I get crazy close eye visuals. With a one or two hits I end up seeing crazy patterns, colors, mazes and other abstract objects. If I smoke a bowl or two I see actual people, 3d objects and whatever else in extreme depth and detail. They are so vivid and colorful that its as realistic and clear as actually looking at the object in a room with bright lights. I have seen so many crazy things.. If I am in a dark room or outside in the night, then I can sort of see them with my eyes open, I can see them in the air. I might actually start drawing them to show people.

    You are not crazy. We are just some of the few people who seem to experience all the psychedelic effects of weed. Enjoy it. ;)
  10. I love this, because when you close your eyes it's like being teleported into a another universe O.O
  11. From smoking weed (almost) everyday for over a year, and experiments with other things trying to see what hippies saw :hippie: I can't get rid of my cev's the majority of the time. I rarely notice it when I'm sober unless I think about it. But when I'm high it gets so fun, mostly abstract designs and colored light looking stuff though.
  12. Yea, I actually get some very mild ones when sober now.. But just basic, dull patterns. Weird thing is, when you are under water in a pool they are a lot more noticeable.

    One time I got too stoned and all I wanted to do was fall asleep. As soon as I closed my eyes I would be in a movie that I had to play along in. Then there would be patterns that would flash in my eyes violently. I had to wait till it wore off to fall asleep.

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