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  1. I can't wait for this game! Been a long ....maybe since Halo 2 and all it's hype....that I've been this excited about a game.

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  2. Did you sign up for the beta? You can get free beta access by pre ordering the game on Amazon. Then cancel the order as it doesn't charge until it ships. You get an auto email for beta invite. The Beta doesn't start until June I believe.
    But yes, very excited about this game.
  3. i was interested in this until they announced its only for 360,xbone, ps3, and ps4. i have no interest in going back to consoles after joining the master race  :metal:
  4. cant wait to get it for ps4
    This. I had a thread open for a few days where I was just generating beta codes for blades, but I got kinda overwhelmed with all the requests and had it closed. But this method definitely works.
  6. Indeed, your thread is what taught me this.
  7. Apparently according to bungie itl be the biggest video game launch in history, lmao yeah right but looks like a good game nonetheless

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  8. Trix, it could be. When the people who made halo say somethin like that you should prob at least consider the possibility its true!

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  9. LMAO or because everyone is pre ordering for beta keys haha

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  10. This looks like its got alot of potential, also i like these mmo type games because they cant make a "DESTINY 2!!!' and remove a bunch of shit that was really good in the first they just keep building on something which i think is the way to do it.
    Really im debating between this and eso, i really dont wanna be subbing for that game and plus as i have a ps4 but shit, well have to see what the reviews are saying when the time comes.
  11. I dont think bungie makes games for pc lol. Ps4 is where it will be at

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  12. What could be? What are you talking about?
  13. up until this game the didnt make games for ps either, so thats not a valid point in the least
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    Well maybe i should have said console. Doesnt take a genius to figure out what i meant.

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    regardless, i know plently of loyal bungie fans, my self included that arnt buying this due the fact its not on PC. the release of the next gen consoles pushed myself, and every other gamer i know to spend well more than the 400 or 500 dollars for a new console on a new pc. i was VERY loyal fan boy of xbox for years but just couldnt do it anymore. its asinine to play the majority of games on a consoles when pc has more variety for less money. 
    anyway i didnt come to make another " console peasants vs pc elitist flame war. all i needed to say is that its a bad move in my mind. it would make much more money to do what titanfall is doing and all but force you to get the next gen consoles by releasing a 360 version nearly a month after the launch of the game. titanfall and infamous second son are both moving the fuck out of consoles right but theres no game thats going to make pc players flock to one console over the other so not having a game present on pc is just losing you money, thats a ton of players, most of which that love MMOs like destiny) that will never buy your game.  
  16. Yea but maybe there is something about the way its made or something that makes bungie putting destiny on pc a not so favourable endevour.

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  17. Already preordered and cant wait for the beta. im going for the hunter class
  18. theres one of two ways that could of happened a both make bungies dev team out to be retarded.
    1) they had no intent to put destiny out on pc from the begining and just said " fuck it we dont need that money". no game publisher has ever let that happen. ever. its a business and businesses like money, its their thing. 
    or ( and this one would blow my mind)
    2) they intended on putting it on pc from the start but at some point noticed " oh shit we didnt code this right, oh well"
    if its second that means bungie, a team that has been making triple A titles for 10+ years, the first of which is on PC, is comprised of people no smarter than the people behind ever shitty movie license game ever made and are allergic to money. 
  19. Ok well you must be an expert and should make it your duty to tell bungie how much they suck at making money. Meanwhile ill be enjoying it on ps4! Har har!

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  20. not having destiny isnt going to kill me. besides i wouldnt play ps4 if i got one for free, id sell it to people like you. you enjoy the 4 good games a year that come out for consoles ill be playing the 100,000s amazing steam games i can get for less than 10 dollars. your probably one of those people thats going to get ESO for consoles and say "its just as good" without understanding what makes MMOs so enjoyable. 

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