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Desperatley seeking mary!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by weedlessinnj, Aug 13, 2002.

  1. I am in search of some friends that love to smoke and live in northern NJ. I have no more connects since i move here and it sucks. I need some weed and some cool people to chill with.

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  2. damn that sux man, hope u find someone real careful though, i've had some real shitty experiences when i make new friends and they usually end up in fist fights.
  3. to add some additional info. Im 32 and married, wife smokes ocassionally, i smoke daily when i have it. I coming to the conclusion that weed is harder to find than bin-laden, at least in my case.
  4. im from northern jersey my email is ........... and my aim is ........... or ........... hit me up man
  5. I know a guy who supposedly scred a QP tonight, ... dunno if it's extraordinary shit but hey, it gets u high. I'm out in central NJ tho, by Rutgers, can IM or email and I can see what's up.
  6. thats cool, let me know, im in edison, rutgers is pretty close. keep me posted and thanks
  7. Just a reminder...this isn't a place to make connections..but making friends is fine! just try to keep direct locations etc in PM's. and welcome to the city m8 :)
  8. LOL, I thought you were looking for me :p

    (My name is Mary)
  9. I was gonna say it, but Stylezz beat me to it! So I second his post!
  10. I was gonna say that hookups and selling isn't allowed on the city, but stylez got there first. We have to keep the city as a nice law abiding (as much as possible) place as possible. If you were near me, I'd hook you up. I hope you score some soon.
  11. You know, he has few enough posts for me to automatically go "it's a cop.. scatter!"
    and if " I need some weed and some cool people to chill with." isn't looking for a hookup, I dunno what is.

    If I had been the first to reply, I would've said "NO, WRONG, DO NOT PASS GO, TRY AGAIN" but ooook.
  12. easiest thikng too do... go to a bar... ask some one who looks like they puff if they know where they can get some budd cause you really wanna blaze... best thing is to be direct... no harm in asking...... plus you could always meet some good friends as well...
  13. Wow, just went to that site and shit, those people are not too bright. But yeah, not a good idea to try to meet people online to smoke with. I mean I know most of us on these forums are good people but you never know.

  14. Yea that story really gets ya thinking...
  15. it's a cop, scatter!
  16. scatter, man I hope I never hear that

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