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Desperateley need help on outdoor...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by StraiT100, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. grow.

    So basically i've tried to grow for the past 3 years, outdoor, to no avail. I've spent hours reading the outdoor grow guides etc... but i feel as though they are not accustomed to my area.

    The Geography of the land i'm on is basically hilly, clay, thick forest, sloping casually to the ___________ river basin, but not dramatically where i'm at.

    I've been planting, usually, in a 5 sq. acre plot of woods not too far from my house(so i can easily water and keep tabs on my plants). In the past i've planted well away from the small stream in the middle for stealth, and drought reasons.

    So blades..let us begin....

    My questions: all comments and tips welcome;

    1. There are alot of tall trees in the woods, worried about the amount of sunlight the plants will be getting, should i try lopping off a few branches, if need be, to allow for more light?

    2. Is it better to germ plants in dixie cups?? (my first year trying to grow, i germed about 10 on my balcony, only one survived in the wild and it was horribly stunted).
    Since that first time, i've planted directly into the ground, also to no avail, but even less so than the pre-germed seeds.
    I'm assuming by process of elimination that germing indoors would be the safer method?

    3. BIG ONE- The soil in my area is a dark-colored, clay type soil with alot of dead leaves etc.. in it.
    IMO this soil is pure SHIT for growing weed....
    So i was thinking about digging a rectangular plot, maybe 4X3, then buying good soil, filling the holes with it, and moving my sprouts into the plots(however many i have). Is this even a good idea? Anyone tried it before?

    4. SOIL - what is a good blend of soil i can get at walmart? My budget is around $100(first time i'm going to spend money on a grow lol).
    The fist year i used miracle grow for veggies+flowers, they did ok untill they went outside:(.

    5. Anyone experienced with outdoor growing please leave any useful tips/ ideas you have used that worked out well in the past.

    I will be growing with bagseed(from good reg mostly, but i've only been smoking dank for the last 6 months so i'm a little short on quantity, i need to make EVERY SEED COUNT, i probably have about 25-30 plantable ones.

    Now, im not so much growing this with stealth in mind, more HIGH YEILD & QUALITY.

    -Newb grower in need of guidance
  2. Okay so iv'e never grown outdoors but I will be in 2013 my first time. Ive spent a while reading and now believe i am 3/4 prepared.

    This is just info I have in my head from scanning threads and collecting info.

    1: Im not sure how tall these trees are but if they aren't extremely huge you should be able to cut one or two. Lot's of commercial growers cut tons of trees to expand the area of where they are collecting sunlight. I don't think it should be too bad to cut 1 or 2 down. (remember sunlight is #1 everything else comes after)

    2: You can either Germ underneath lights indoors until they are fairly large better to veg them for a few weeks so they can grow to a size so they don't just get beaten by nature right away. (Not an option for me)/// Or you can wait until the "Vernal Equinox" of 2013 I believe it is on March 20th and from that day on you can germ them on your windowsill/balcony and then maybe until they pop out of the dirt. Make a small greenhouse doesn't have to be HUGE just enough so you can sit them in it until they are large enough so YOU feel they able to withstand nature. (You can't veg for long on your windowsill as the sun rotates around your house and your plants only maybe get 3-4 hours of sunlight on your sill, So the little greenhouse in the middle of the backyard would do the trick.)

    3: Soil wise so you don't have to worry about your plants and their nutes try search for "Water Only cannabis organic soil mixtures". Forums have tons of lists of mixes that will make life easier with water/tap water only from Middle Veg-Harvest (Don't use advanced soils with seedlings, they only need a basic grow medium until they show signs that they need nutrients then transplant them to the other soil, usually after few weeks)

    4: See 3

    5: Stoked for you & myself on my first outdoor grow :)

    If you feel like you need to get pumped for the season try watch "Brown Dirt Warrior" might be able to show you what you may come across in the season as well as his mini outdoor guide made in the Great White Outdoors of Canada. And if you have any extra time on your hands watch the movie "Homegrown" also really good :)

    Prohibition...a harsh reality - YouTube

    ^^^^^Link to his youtube
  3. Thanks for the help bro, ill check out the vid and will stay researching outdoor growing, but in the mean time best of luck, we will tackle the 2013 grow season like warren sapp
  4. The best thing you can do is start the plants indoors under florescent light (cfls, t5s)... veg them for a month before you put them out so they are big and strong enough to survive on their own.

    Soil: cannabis likes good soil that drains well, and good soil is very important, so it is best to buy a good brand of soil such as fox farms.(I don't think walmart carries FF, but you can check a local garden store.) The bigger the pot/hole the bigger your plant will grow and the more it will yield. I would at least have 5 gallons per pot, or if you are digging holes, i would dig them at least 2'x2'

    Sunlight is very important of course so find a spot that gets good light, at least for most of the day. I wouldn't go chopping down trees or do too much cutting if you can avoid it. Of course you also should have a spot that is well hidden.

    It's really not too difficult. The hardest part is starting off, and when the plants are small it is hard for them to survive outdoors. Once they are bigger, with good soil/sunlight they will do great. goodluck
  5. Iv never grown anything before in my life lol...Iv Read majuana outdoors guerilla growing by Jorge Cervantes and got a basic plan of how I'm going to do it but want some experienced advice ? I'm going to be growing outdoors in West Sussex in uk. I'm going to germinate my seeds in plates then plant them in there perment homes 15 liter pots filled with organic soil then I'm going to plant them in my locations and fertilise with bio biz grow followed by bio bizz bloom and going to use a bio bizz leaf coat for pests about 3-4 tins throughout the grow. There's millions of strains and I still haven't decided on one yet as I want a reliable big yielding strain that doesn't require to much work. Any advice or pointers where in going to go wrong will be appriciated please help ??? Strains I'm thinking of holland hope and passion #1
  6. Virgin farmer, there's better ones to do than Hollands hope. I've had good luck with timewarp.
  7. sun hours is number 1 factor
    haul in you soil less soil (sunshune mix 4 is good or promix BX or make you own peat/Perlite/lime/ferts mix)
    don't use bagseed but use femmed seeds
    use solo cups for first 2 weeks then transfer

    again most important fctor is hidden location + sun
  8. So timewarp ?
  9. I'm a beginner lol don't understand any of that :/ lol my plants will get a lot of sunlight but will have. Bad weather as I live in uk lol.. I will be using feminized holland hope and passion #1 ? I'm going to look at time warp seeds though
  10. "soilless soil" means airy soil (with perlite). HH and PP are old strains. There are better ones out there. I suggested a list on one of the multiple identical posts you made. Reading the stickies is necessary to not sound like a total noob who wants to stay that way, we aren't gonna explain everything over to you even though, as you remind us on every post you make, you are a beginner. LOL
  11. Lol I understand didn't mean to post it so many times from someone experienced do you think my approach should work ? I'm definitely going to consider changing strain
  12. All soil up and down the Appalachian is red/orange compact clay. You're absolutely right, it's crap for growing weed. Cannabis likes a light, airy soil. I would go with Corto's advice and add in some aeration amendments.

    Potomac? Hiawassee? Mississippi?..... trying to fill in the _________ :p
  13. I'm going to fill the base with 1inch gravel then organic soil with a ph of 6.4
  14. And I don't live in England
  15. My question is about the soil and what type of trees are in the area you wish to grow?

    You said your soil is clay with organic matter in it. how much clay?
    this video can help you determine your clay content [ame=]Testing Soil for Clay Content - YouTube[/ame] If you do the jar test add a drop or two of dish soap it helps the soil separate better.

    Clay holds far more water so you need to water less with it. It also can compact easy and suffocate roots. Now if you have Oak trees, or Pine trees in the area the soil may to acidic. The trees also may block out too much light.

    If I lived somewhere with super clay soil I would use pots. I am lucky to be in California in the Central Valley I can grow almost anything. I also recommend seeing how you are starting your plants inside you need to harden them off before putting them outside.
    Here is a link explaining hardening off. How Do You Harden Off Plants? I have killed plants (squash) by not doing this step.
  16. Omg! Stop Hijacking his thread!

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