Designing Closet Flowering/ Sperate Veg Chamber-1st Time.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Stones, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Hello All,
    The plan is, is i have an apartment closet to grow in, roughly 3x4.5x8(ceiling hight limit). This is planning on being the flowering room, along with that we plan on having a separate enclosure for vegging, i was planning on this being nearly 4ft long x 2 feet deep and about 4 feet tall. (Does that sound like enough room?) The only catch is that we can only flower 5 females at once, were also thinking of doing a "perpetual grow cycle" which would leave us 1 plant to harvest every 1 week and approximately 4 days.

    My first problem that i need help with is this, my friend who sold me his HPS light lent me his MH to help out first batch of veggies grow fast. We plugged it in to his digital ballast in the apartment and blew the fuse. Ok, ok so we turn everything off, plug it in again, and the damn thing starts smoking and eventually blows the fuse again. I brought it back to the hydro store where he has a 6 year warranty and they said to come by on Tuesday to pick a new on up. Any ideas on if it will be a permanently problem, or just temporary. I'd hate to have to flower 5 large females with less then 400 watts.

    The tentative plan for the flowering chamber is to keep 5 LARGE clones flowering at all times, were going to be building a Cooling Tube, were going to have a carbon filter+the cooling tube all attached to a Stanley Blower. We also plan on getting a small fan and just hanging it from the top of the box. The box is going to be airtight and a light wooden frame covered with Mylar, which will make it airtight. We have Fox Farm (name?) Oceanic Mix for soil, and Tiger bloom and the other one from the same brand for vegging.(i dont have the bottles on me and can't remember the name.) And the 400w HPS is going in this room.

    The plan for the veg chamber is to have a home-made version of the E-Z Cloner, and the Mothers (Blueberry, Big Stone, and Hash Berry) We want the clones going into the flowering room to be as big as possible since we can only have 5 flowering at once, and harvesting every week almost.

    Any comments or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks, Stones.

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