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  1. I wish I was a designer in vaperizer developement, I could certainly improve mine in terms of functionability. One thing I liked about The Davinci was the fact that you could vape while it was charging, this however probably led to its demise and a nasty mark on the setee due to exessive temps ( is my theory) so as with the Flashvape heat dissapation is an issue also the cable was to short so without an extention cable you had to crouch down to toke ( a fundermental error in my book ) a USB would be better even if it didnt quite produce enough ampage. The Flash vape needs a thermostat to prevent overheating of the device and battery and also to prevent combustion of material in the bowl also it realy needs a power supply USB or transformer as it uses battery power just warming up such a big (beautiful) lump of metal finaly a little led to light up the bowl would be a nice touch on the flash vape as it would accentuate the pessage of vapour through the bowl window. Thats my two peneth worth (for what its worth) if anyone has other ideas I for one would be interested to hear them . A.A.S
  2. Salutations Alone And Strange,
    Assuming your topic was meant to focus on conceptual work i'd argue that promotional videos showing thick clouds simply fail to tell the whole story.
    Here's what i mean.  It appears safety actually comes late as a priority in too many concepts and most especially in terms of catastrophic failure modes i'm afraid...  More specifically i'm refering to scenarios with electronics gassing off while the customer is venting them through his cannabic bowl without being aware of it.
    Before March ends i'm supposed to assist a close relative who wishes to acquire a portable and quit smoking definitively.  It's already hard enough to find a good selection of options in local stores when one insists he must touch before he buys, now it's really getting frustrating having to deal with devices which hide what's included into the air paths exactly.
    I'm thinking of vaporizers with no air-tight confinement to separate their fresh-air inlet path from the electronics around; in one recent case there was some reasonable clearance surrounding the oven but this still allowed the presence of potential contaminants which did cause some major concern, eventually...
    So, this situation is so wrong i'll probably advise the guy to forget batteries for the next couple years and just pick a VapMan (or maybe a VaporGenie if butane and wind are not a concern).  Why?  Because all of the locally-available battery-operated vape units imply that a person shall end up ventilating electronics during inhalation.
    Well, it turns out i don't wish anyone to become a paying guinea pig for the only benefit of some mercantile strangers who chose to ignore catastrophic failure modes.
  3. Hello Sir Vapourist I wasnt completely sure what to make of your posting It sounded pretty highbrow which is cool anywhoo i regulated my vapourizer issues with another DaVinci But this one is overun with safety economy personal settings etc etc this is all exceptionaly good         news for the rest of my leather settee and bloody good news for me because the thing realy works Its the Ascent a newer model i believe and as if its efficacity isnt enough it looks amazing Im well happy and turned right on to vaping now   Later Man
  4. Salutations Alone And Strange,
    It seems you've got the wrong impression, i was simply reacting to your initial posting:
    Well, if you're refering to the Davinci Ascent lets say i recall reading some recent owner review last week which was about synthetic material strands located behind the bottom grid, possibly glue or plastic.  Proximity to its oven caused some inconvenience, as one can imagine...  Apparently looking through this same grid one should also expect to find some PC-Board supporting electronics, something my future vaporist friend promptly rejected - not to mention i'm sorry to confess i can't suggest the Pinnacle nor the FireFly as alternatives because of similar concerns!
    Yes, generally speaking i find it attractive too;  though i expect more than proofs of concept in such a price range and i'm not the only one, so...  It's great if you're satisfied, congratulations for that!  The rumour says it tastes good.
    When it tastes good...
    Personally i consider there's a problem with relying on the customer's lungs to ventilate electronics.  If it sounds "pretty eyebrow" then my appologies, it's possible we don't understand each other but i'm sure my remark won't tame down your enthousiasm for cannabic vaporisation anyway.  Not even the echo of some review about hot glue or plastic gassing off right next to the fresh air inlet, i hope!...
    In any case good day, have fun!  :lol:

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