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    Hey GC,

    As some of you know I'm working on my next grow cab and I had a design question to throw past you. I am doing a ScroG setup with a 600W HPS. I plan on using one HUGE bubble bucket Rubbermaid tote for all of my plants. Now I have two options and the biggest issue is size restraints. The thing we are going for here is yield quantity, naturally. I have to split this with my four friends and we want to achieve near a pound. So let me know either A or B:

    A) 29 Gallon Tub, 36" Total Grow Height (Screen and stalk height must be in that 36") and 3 to 4 plants. 3 Plants is 9.6 Gal/Plant and 4 Plants is 7.25 Gal/Plant

    B) 18.5 Gallon Tub, 43" Total Grow Height (Screen and stalk height in the 43") and 2 to 3 plants. 2 plants is 9.25 Gal/Plant 3 Plants is 6.2 Gal/Plant

    The total footprint is 7.16 sq. ft so with 2,3, or 4 plants you have respectively 3.58 sqft, 2.38 sqft, 1.79 sqft per plant.

    Let me know what you think! The full grow cab is LxWxH 5x2x5 ft. I have included roughly 1 foot for the light near the roof and the height changes are due to different tub heights. The idea with using the different tubs is to try to get more root room so the plants grow better and fuller and have more access to nutes.

  2. Well I thought it over and I think I will go with Option A 3 Plants. The main reason is because the option B container is only 7 inches high and I must fit a 6" net pot into it and as I understand it the pot isn't supposed to contact water, only the roots. So I must use the larger 29 gallon container.

    So at 3 plants (with net pot spacing) I got roughly 6 or 7 gallons per plant, and 2.38 sqft/plant which isn't too bad for a scrog. I'll have to strain them pretty far away to get it to the extents of the screen.

    Also, I will have to have a 6" spacing between the 600W Hps and my highest plant. I know I'm gonna need an insane amount of fans to keep it from killing itself at this high heat level but I can't go above 5 feet tall and I'm unsure how to handle that.

    Anyways if anyone stumbles on this let me know what you think

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