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  1. So whats up?
    I have a space 3 foot 10 inch by 5 foot by 20 inch
    3 foot long 5 foot tall 20 inch wide
    I was wondering where to put the lights..
    If i put the pots on the floor with the drainage pan, and have the pots be like 10 inches, the lights can be at 18 inches.
    I want to attach surge protectors to the wall with velcro so i can move them up. 
    What would be good heights? 18, 24, 30, etc.. or like 2 foot 3 foot 4 foot..
    Im going to have it like the picture.
    My space will have mylar, enough cfl light and a fan.
    It wont be the best since im on a very tight budget and, not the best space. But it will do.
    Later i will need to get carbon filter and better nutes, but for right now. I just need help on this design issue..
    Or even better, you got a better idea, tell me. 


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