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  1. Hello,

    I'm in the process of designing my first grow and would like some advice on my planned setup. Due to space constraints I will be using a 3x3 tent with cheap LED's for vegging and flowering.

    I have no experience with hydro but thrips ,from experience, and extended veg times make me wary of soil. I believe DWC buckets will be the way to go rather than a large reservoir with multiple plants. I plan to fit 3-4 plants in there and use LST/SCRog to make an even canopy.

    I want to maximize yield but cant afford the power bill of a HPS and have no room for a 4x4. Once I have some experience should 1lb from 3-4 with this setup be doable.

    LED will be like this x2 Meijiu Led Boards Folux Qb288 Hot Selling Samsung 301b 240w Full Spectrum Samsung Led Grow Light For Indoor Garden - Buy Qb 240w Led Grow Light,Qb288 240w,Samsung 301b 240w Full Spectrum Samsung Led Grow Light For Indoor Garden Product on

    I also have a small space available for a mother room probably 3x3 but only 4' high rather than the 6'+ for the flower tent. Is it a good idea to keep a mother and take clones/veg them a little then VEG and flower in the larger tent or would I be better of growing from seed every time to save effort?
  2. Idk about that website but the light looks like a great deal to me for 100$ id assume building that same light from hlg would be about 200.

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  3. True I have read they're comparable in quality at least initially. I'm doing a shopping list and it adds up where i live cause of exchange rates and markups but if I get them lights the whole set up will cost ~1.3k-1.5k for the full set with 4x20L DWC buckets in a cheap 3x3 from scratch with two of those lights.

    If they're a genuine knockoff then with hlg your just paying for the brand and neat finish an maybe the warranty but the meanwell is the same and so is (apparently) the diodes. So Tomato© .... termatoe
  4. Creature avoidance is one of the reasons why many of us use hydro.
    You might be underestimating how many plants will fit, because hydro can produce huge plants.
    I'm growing 2 autos in a 3 x 3 ft tent, and the canopy is completely full with zero topping, training, SCROGing.
    They are in a 2-plant dwc grow vessel.
    My preference is one grow vessel per tent.
    In the past I've tried 4 autos in the tent, and it was horribly overcrowded.

    Your first time in hydro is unlikely to produce more than 1 gram per watt, or an ounce per sq ft, which is about 8 or 9 ounces, and that's about what I get, or a bit more.
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  5. Yeah I'm with karnaze, 1-2 plants max. Personally I'd just do one. Take about 6 weeks from rooted seedling to fill that space with 1 plant. I always get a better yield with just one per meter too.
    Hydros easy mate. As long as you've got a decent ph meter and ppm pen it's pretty hard to go wrong. Always happy to help a fellow res grower so if you need any tips feel free :)
  6. Yeah I suppose I'm thinking like its a 4x4. I'll probably go with 2x20L DWC buckets so I can do 2 strains at a time. I am anticipating there will only be a small learning curve because I'm going to buy all the equipment in advance. I would probably go one to a tent but I want to trial different phenotypes/strains in my environment in case strain holds me back more than inexperience.

    In terms of yield I'm more interested in how I can boost annual yield once everything is dialed in. Would my idea of having a squat mother plant and going from rooted clones to veg speed things up much? or would autos boost yield per plant in a short time frame cause I can keep it 18/6 throughout.
    Also would fem seeds be a must before using clones cause regulars wont fit if i need to do sexing or should i start them in a little cloner type reservoir and wait for preflowers or sex clones while vegging four then cull?
  7. I might just bite the bullet and put a 4x4 in the open, then I could fit two big DWC buckets. If I did that id probably need 3 of those cheap QB's totalling 720w. What kind of yield could I expect then??
  8. I can fit 3 10 liter buckets in my 2.5x5 and only 2 20 liter soft pots comfortably. 3x3 Id assume will only be one plant in a 20. You need room for other things potentially like your filter or humidifier. Maybe a heater or dehumidifier.

    I also got 1.5 grams per watt with my meanwell 320 my first time out. The Samsung boards and meanwell drivers deliver If the genetics allow.

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  9. What was the tent size for that one? (1.5gpw)
  10. 2.5x5x73” with a 3 board 288rspec and 320 meanwell driver.

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