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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Jonsi, May 20, 2006.

  1. Alright I have a bit of a problem, I won't say specifically where i live (a bit paranoid, dunno who's lurkin) but let's just say it reached about 105-107 degrees F today, with a very low humidity (8-10%) So I'm sure you can guess where I live lol. but anways, it will be above 100 degrees, every day from now until late August, quite possibly mid September. With probably about 15-20 days above 110. And this is all a very low humidity heat, so... here's my problem. This morning when I got up for work I noticed my little test plant sprouted! (hopefully she) It was in a cup with a plastic bag around it to keep the moisture in until sprouting, so I didn't quite realise how much of an issue this was going to be. So today, I put the plant in my makeshift grow box, and I come home tonight, and the soil is bone dry. That's just exactly how this is going to be throughout the summer, it kind of sucks for growing plants. But this is exactly why I have this single plant right now. I don't have full materials for a grow box, so I'm doing one seed for now so I can get everything semi-perfected before i germinate the better looking seeds. So this is a major factor I'll be trying to correct.

    So basically, how do you low humidity growers do it? I'm thinking i can put a humidifier in my closet and that could help, but when I get enclosed box set up, is the intake going to bring in that much moisture to allow for minimal evaporation? And I won't have the space to play a humidifier within the grow box. So please help me, the only other plants I've grown are submerged within a fishtank, so overwatering isn't an issue lol. I'm just worried about drowning them.

    THanks for your help
  2. A cheap and easy way to help your problem is to just put a large bowl of water in the closet with the plants. Under the extreme conditions you talk about I am not sure how much it will help, but basic science dictates that it certainly can't hurt. Let me know if it helped at all if you decide to give it a shot.
  3. I'll definately give it a shot, I have the vaporiser in there now, I'll run that for two days, then try that method. It's a bit noisy, so I'd like to not use it if possible. Thanks!
  4. Fuck my vaporiser did shit... I'll try the bowl trick when the lights go on tomorrow... doubt it will work though... this fucking sucks.
  5. I would try using a bowl of water too, it sounds like a good idea.. Hope it works out for ya man
  6. Your house doesnt have ac...?

    Edit: Are you trying to start plants at the bottem of a full fish tank?
  7. i would say misting the plants with a spray bottle a few times a day might help somewhat in compensating for the low humidity.

    what tokenchill said is definitely a good idea.
  8. If it was submerged in a full fish tank I don't think he'd have humidity problems:rolleyes:

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