Describe Yourself

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  1. An interesting and thoughtful game. Describe yourself in 5 words.

    Going forward, yet looking back.
  2. Lost, without happiness yet peaceful
  3. Loving the always changing present.
  4. happily content with my contentions
  5. I'm done, but having fun....
  6. Experiencing the illusion of reality.
  7. Looking onwards,remembering the past.
  8. Fighting on but fading fast.
  9. Content yet ready to embark.
  10. Blissfully drifting through life's journey
  11. A weirdo you haven't met
  12. A painfully miserable mother fucker.
  13. sexy as mother fuckin fuck.
  14. Ive seen better ;)
    Layed back stoner
  15. African even-toed ungulate mammal.
  16. Burnt but not burned out
  17. Oh five words......

    Very motherfucking based bitch, woo!
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    Im just another average monkey.
  19. I am so very lost

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