Describe yourself (x3)

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jul 7, 2002.


was this a good idea?

  1. i prefered the one word 'describe yourself'. i liked the challenge.

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  2. yeah... i like this better. i'm too complicated for one word descriptions.

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  1. Describe yourself in three words!

    Logical Hippy Surrealist
  2. i like this one....

    opinionated humorous blade i just had to put blade...cuz..well...i am :D
  3. missplaced hippie chick

    i always thought i would have been happier in the 60's. unfortunately, i was born 6 yrs too late, and still got raised like one. do you know how hard it is to be "normal"?
  4. Thinker, Independent, Lover
  5. mass confusion ensues
  6. creative web dork
  7. Hippy morbid gamer
  8. morbid?!?!!....sounds a lil like element
  9. Stoner Jedi Geek

  10. I'll toke to that :lol:
  11. long haired pothead
  12. need more weed
  13. stoned sarcastic fruitcake
  14. glad you didnt put

    gettin wore down

    or i would have died laughing
  15. Now, Norm, damnit!!!!!!!!

    Why the hell couldn't I have come up with that?

    Too funny!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA---

    I'm gonna puke from all this laughter you're causing tonight!!!!!!
  16. <
    < smokin a roach

  17. What the hell, are you tring not to be funny now. Cause funny, that was not!

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