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Describe your thoughts of our current Commander in Chief, President ONE WORD

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SmokeMB, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]
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    We thought he was all for hope and change, but really he's just another puppet controlled by the military industrial complex, big pharma, and wealthy corporations.

  3. I completely agree!!!!
  4. Shitfuckering-mass-murderer
  5. reptilian :p
  6. hypocritical.
  7. Puppet

    EDIT: ok, maybe im not as original as I thought, lol seeing a few other puppet remarks...but im still sticking to this one
  8. Puyi

    "The message you have entered is too short"
  9. Charlatan

    (Pretends to be a man of the people yet passes bills that go against the people i.e. mandatory health insurance)
  10. Owned...
  11. motherfuckingasshole
  12. scapegoat
    makesfoundingfatherscry (good for any politician today)

    but my fav..

  13. ya, he's a poser...but...

    I recall CONGRESS passed that bill, he just signed it...but ya, lets use the scapegoat...why blame congress or the senate...bunch of upstanding chaps in those seats, each being 'for the people' in their own campaigns huh...those chaps are so busy working hard for the people, not taking bribes, not making unjust laws, not passing bills that favor their masters while fucking the rest of the USA, they would never do anything unless it was best for We The People huh...<BARF>:rolleyes:

    Obama failed, no surprise there, predicted it before he got into office, but lets put blame where it belongs..he failed to expose each traitor in DC, that alone is reason to not re-elect him IMHO, yet people will re-elect those committing treason...sheeple are harmless, unless given a voter registration card...:eek:

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