Describe your thoughts of our current Commander in Chief, President ONE WORD

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SmokeMB, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. "Trying"
  2. ego-maniacal
  3. dreadful
  4. Disappointed
  5. Pussified...

    His ideas in 2006 were wonderful, he supported many libertarian ideals...but then he began to adhere to the Democratic ideals and gave up his individualism. The Obama of 2006 would have legalized weed, opened trade to Cuba, raised taxes on the rich, ended the war on Terror, ended the war in Iraq, deleted the USA PATRIOT Act from the public record, etc. Unfortunately, he's too interested in being reelected...

    Unfortunately for us, our only hope for him to actually do any of that stuff is for a pluralistic election like in 1992 where he's given another chance and doesn't have to face a reelection campaign and wont have to worry about his VP's chances for the office either.
  6. murderer.
  7. Dumbass.

    wait, someone can say it better for me

    [ame=]‪red saying dumb ass‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  8. Betrayed

    As in he has been betrayed by spineless Congressional leaders who act in their own best interests as oppossed to the Country's. :smoke:
  9. Cult-like-following
  10. lol everyone knows the president isnt really the president

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