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  1. Everyone dreams, it's just your job to remember them and post them on here!


    My dream last night,

    I don't remember much about it, but I had what looked to be like a 8th of some Purp Danks, but as soon as I was about to light up I woke up to my alarm...
  2. I've been sober for like 2 month right now, and I had a dream that I smoked, and I got sooo fucking high that I couldn't walk I'd stumble and fall. It was intense. Then in my dream I was like, I need to get higher haha, and I found two roaches in my pocket, but then woke up.
  3. I had a dream where my ex was with this one guy and i got pissed or something and got the guy by his.legs and started smashing him against the wall til his head was gone. It was pretty vivid actually
  4. fun fact, when you get a dream and wake up, dont move cause if you move you'll forget your dream ;)
  5. The last dream I had, which was last night, was a short dream. I just remember talking to this girl that I used to like and we were justing sitting there talking. It was kind of weird considering I haven't talked to her in the longest time in real life. I don't even know what we were talking about in the dream either. But yeah it was a lame dream..
  6. i stuck my dick inside this life until that bitch came
  7. Well I cant remember my entire dream but one part stuck in my head as I was taking a shower this morning. Maybe someone could tell me what the hell this dream means.

    So just to give u a little back round on WHY I would have a dream like this. I just found out yesterday that I may be getting moved to FL for work (i live in WA so thats a big move).

    Also, I am kind of a man whore (im not saying this to brag im just saying this so u guys can understand why this dream is so significant to me) I have dated a LOT of girls in the last 5 - 6 years and I am actually still friends with most of them. The reason for this is, about 5 years ago I dated a girl that I was head over heals in love with. We only actually dated for like 4 months, but I would have married this chick. She was like my dream girl. Well of course I did something to screw it up, and she dumped my ass. Never even gave me a chance to fix the relationship. I have accepted this and moved on, but she has always been like "the one that got away".

    Now last night I had a dream that a group of my friends where at my house talkin to me about his girl. In the dream they where saying she just started working at Arby's (this is just the dream..I have no fuckin clue where she works lol) and that she was asking about me. They also said that she was saying how much she wishes we would have worked things out, and that she still wanted to be with me blah blah blah..

    I woke up RIGHT after this part of my dream and it stuck in my head.

    All morning I have been wondering if this is some sort of sign for me to get in contact with this girl and tell her how I really feel. At the same time I am afraid I am just giving this more thought than it is worth, and I dont want to humilate myself by calling this chick over a stupid dream. :D
  8. I somehow acquired a MFLB and vanquished a huge crocodile with it.

    I think I was a pool cleaner, and there were crocs in every pool I went to, it was intense.
  9. @ Stigma, Don't let her get away!
  10. Had this dream just about an hour ago:

    It was at night, me and some random face from high school that I didn't hang out with and this other face were going to pick up bud. My dealer was the clerk behind the counter, and he was wearing a turban (wtf?). He handed us our bags and I went and sat in the corner of the store to weigh it out and switch some bags around. A cop comes in the store and sees me, I had to leave a bag behind but got the others and ran into the truck my random faced friend was driving and told him to go go go! We drove on the wrong side of the road and up a mountain too I think. We got away.

    Then I woke up.
  11. The dream started off, and I was in a supermarket. I was walking aimlessly down the isles, and then I see my friend Alexis there, she is playing the piano (Which is odd, because in reality, she doesn't play the piano, or any other instrument for that matter) and I came up to her, she was happy to see me, and then I asked her if I could play, (I do play the piano) she said yes. I sat down and started to play Chopin's, etude op. 10 no. 4, which made sense, because I usually play that one alot in reality. I was overcome with excitement as I was playing, the music was so vivid and I could feel every note. Directly at the end of the piece, one of my good friends Nathan came up, and we were so happy to see each other (Haven't seen him in two years) so him and I left, and he was taking me to this hotel on the beach. Once we got there, he told me that he had to babysit this kid, and he offered me if I wanted to join, which I thought was kind of strange, but was so happy to see him, that I didn't care. So we enter this hotel room, and it's dark, nothing nice, and kind of rundown. The little kid was sitting on the couch watching T.V. So then after he checked in, he took me outside real quick to show me something. He pulled out two celebratory joints for the both of us I was a bit hesitant at first, because we were watching this four year old, but I was like "ehh fuck it". So we lit that shit and smoked up on that dank, about halfway through the joint, he blew out his hit really fast and whispered "oh shit man, hurry up and hide it, the kids mom is coming". Apparently the mom was against weed . So anyway we placed it in our pockets, and then his mom frantically came up to us, and started talking to us about how she was running late, because her kid needed to be at school. So we walked inside the hotel room, and immediately after, I started to feel the high, and it was intense! Anyways, so we had to rush to the kids school. (This is where it gets weird). So we ran out to the bay that was directly off of the hotel, and then we took a boat to this giant fence, (Similar to the fences in concentration camps) and so we got out, swam and had to get on top of the sea wall and start climbing the fence from there, but the only bad thing was that backpacks appeared on us that we're really heavy, so it was a bit hard to get over the fence, so I almost fell into the water, but Nathan helped me and pulled me up onto the fence, so we climbed over, and then we got out into this heavily wooded area, and saw this building which looked identical to the subway station where I live, so once we got inside the station, the mom said, "my son and I can't go any further, you guys will have to go". Directly after she said that, they were gone. So Nathan and I were pretty much abandoned in the subway tunnels. However, something was different, apparently the tracks were water slides. Nathan and I thought it was hilarious that there were business men riding the slides to work lol. We pretty much hysterically laughed for what seemed like five minutes. So we both decided that we better take one to get back to his house. So Nathan and I got onto them and rode down these dark tunnels, which was so fun! The tunnels became very sleek looking, with futuristic lights traveling past us as we slid down, but after a certain point and we got past the first 100 feet down, it got really mucky and dirty (Just like a real subway tunnel) and we had a sudden stop and had to get onto these old mine carts, and we rode through caves and an old subway tunnel/mine shaft. Then we got up to this rusty abandoned door, and it opened. When we got in, it was an arena, but it was very "rustic" looking. Similar to something off of an old 90's video game. Nathan disappeared and then I grabbed a gun, because it was a competition of two opposing teams to the death . We began to fight, and it was really intense! Bullets flying past me, machine guns, and artillery fire, people dying and getting shot. After what seemed like an hour, I'm still alive, and I ended up defeating the opposing team. There was a sudden tap on my shoulder, and it was Nathan. He said "dude we have to get out of here, the opposing team sent a nuclear missile over to the area" , my response was "dude! Holy fuck, let's get the fuck out of here!". We ran as fast as we could to the exit. Once we got to the exit, and opened the door, we appeared on a bay, (The same bay we were at earlier in my dream, just on the other side) and took this boat plane. I must say, this was a pretty dope part of my dream. Nathan piloted the plane, as I sat on the side, sniping the opposing team members as they were escaping, it was amazing, because it felt so real, because the wind was blowing on my face, and the sea spray was hitting me. We landed pretty quickly, and once we landed, the nuclear bomb went off, however, we didn't get affected. So Nathan and I hug each other, because we were so happy that we got out of that alive. A silent hush fell over the area that we were in, and it felt like everything was restored back to normal, so Nathan being the cool motherfucker he is, pulled out another set of joints, he handed me one and said "dude, I brought extras!" I said "holy shit! You're fucking amazing bro, thank you!". We just chilled, blazed, caught up, and talked about life and shit. It was a truly amazing conversation in my dream . He finished his joint, and said, "man, it's been amazing talking to you, and we need to chill again sometime real soon, but unfortunately I have to go". I was a bit shocked, but before I could answer, he was gone, and I was just left there on the beach. At that moment, something in my mind tells me to look behind me, and I noticed that I was back in Seminole (My old hometown in Florida. I moved to Boston two years ago for college) So I got up, and wandered around the area, and I came across this park that I used to chill and smoke in when I was younger, I saw this bike resting alongside a tree. And it was my old bike! So I get on, and start to ride it. After about three minutes of riding, a guy from the opposing team of the death match started to chase me with his car, and he had a fucking gun. I knew I couldn't get away with a bike, so I needed to get off and run into the woods next to me. When I got off the bike, I started to run, and as he was on my tail, and about to shoot, I lift off and start to fly away with ease. It was so liberating! Flying away from it all, feeling the wind in my hair and on my face. I felt every sensation that there would be associated with flying. So I fly over these mountain ranges, oceans, and valleys, then eventually I make it back to my hometown Boston, and I stop at the airport for some reason. I landed, and walked into the entrance, and sat down on the nearest bench. When I sat down, I got a phone call, I looked at the contact, and it was one of my best friends Matt. I answered, and frantically told him, "dude! you will not believe what just happened! I just flew!". His reply was "dude, look over at the baggage claim". I look over and I see him standing there, with a bag of luggage. I was so shocked, I ran over, and gave him a huge hug. He started laughing and said, "I saw you flying in, how the fuck did you do that?!". I told him that I didn't know exactly, it just happened. So after he collected the rest of his luggage, we walked out, and caught the shuttle bus. The shuttle bus arrived, and we got on and sat down. Matt and I started to talk about our lives, and what we have been up to. This song came on in the shuttle bus shortly after. [ame=]Porcupine tree- Where we would be lyrics - YouTube[/ame]
    I was so happy that the song came on, because the band is a progressive/space rock band that I love, that is not on the radio. I looked up and I noticed that the rest of the people on the shuttle bus had a very weird distinction of some friends I knew. Like they were strangers yet they had a very eerie feeling of familiarity. So the shuttle stopped at the subway station. We both got off the bus, however, it wasn't the subway station, it was this run down mansion type of building. The only way to get anywhere though, was to go inside, so we walked in. The inside looked like one of those dali paintings, with backwards stairs and hallways leading to nothingness, so I guess you can say that it was the "classic" vision of what a dream world would look like. I looked over at Matt and he wasn't Matt! He was my old cat?! lol. My cat was human-sized and started to talk to me, however when my cat spoke it wasn't normal it was a bit distorted, almost like another language, but I still understood it. Anyways, so then we both walked down this hallway which seemed like it never ended, but when it did we came across this intercom room. We walked up to the door, and it read On Air, we opened the door, and walked in. As we walked in, I hear faint radio signals and old time 1940's jazz-blues playing. I noticed that the room was very rag time and bohemian looking. I heard a voice coming from inside the studio, and it was this really weird guy, talking to himself, and making radio broadcasts to nothingness. He was balding and had aviators on. I kind of forgot what he said exactly, it was a bit muffled. Shortly after, my cat and I found this door and we opened it and it lead to a staircase, however this staircase looked like one of those very old wooden basement type of staircases and it was very steep. So we both started practically climbing down, and what seemed like hours, we were finally at the bottom, and down there, there was a door that read "come enter into this pitiful era". (I had no idea what the fuck it meant, and I am surprised that I even remember this detail) So then we walk through the door, and my cat decides to run away, and I never saw her again. After that I was in this completely new atmosphere, it went from rag time-bohemian to a palace square type of feel, and everything was polished marble, with really fancy cafes (Similar to some parts of Boston) and so as I walked I noticed that there were no people around, it was like a ghost town, it was very depressing. Then out of nowhere, I just lifted up and flew again, but a few seconds after I was in the air, I appeared in a plane, however this plane was more like a private jet, and we were flying over this South American terrain with lush rain forests and foggy peaks. I looked next to me and there was this really fancy modern looking guy. He had a mac laptop, a modern designer hair cut, and wearing very modern European clothing. I looked behind me, and I see all my friends, just sitting there. I mean everyone! I even saw Matt and Nathan again. So it was a very happy moment. The plane ended up landing at the same airport that I was at in the middle of the dream, and as I walked out with all of my friends, I saw myself sitting on the same bench I was on earlier. I was living in a "replay" so to speak, however I didn't recognize myself, so it was like it never happened. So my friends and I got onto the shuttle bus, and rode to this unmarked destination, and outside was a car waiting for all of us. So when we got out, alot of my friends had to go, so the only people that were left, were Matt, Nathan, and my friend Autumn. So we got into this car, and the driver was from India, so he didn't speak English very well, when we were giving him directions. So we were driving in this very industrial place, I had no fucking clue where I was, as we were driving along, talking about random scenarios, we were suddenly stopped by this group of masked humanoid figures, and they wanted money. We had no money but they kept on bugging us for some, so then the Indian guy that was driving got out of the car, but one of the masked figures in the group pulled out a crowbar and tried to hit the Indian guy, however the Indian guy had a handgun and shot him! Then all of us in the car got out and started to run into this construction lot. We were all pretty distraught at this moment. I looked back at the car and the dead guy on the ground in the distance, and then when I look back everyone was fucking gone! So I was just abandoned in this dusty construction lot...Then I woke up.

    When I woke up, my initial reaction was "where in the FUCK did I go? lol. Immediately afterwards, I went to my computer, and wrote every detail I could out of the dream that I just experienced. So happy that I have this epic story saved haha.
  12. Holy fuck tl;dr

    Maybe when I get home I'll read it.

  13. Paragraphs motherfucker, do you know what they are?
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    I was in the basement of a house with my brother and a couple of his friends. We were just chilling when my brother and a couple of them left, leaving just me and one of the friends. I was digging around in a cupboard on wheels when I found a small tv and a weird, old yellow box with a handle on one end and a number and letter keyboard on the other with a speaker and screen. I began pressing numbers and letters and the box began to speak with a thick austrian accent. It was broken as it was speaking not what I typed but gibberish that felt evil. I noticed that the friend of my brother was no longer the same person but someone else. This new person tried to seduce me, but I refused his advances at which point I saw my mom driving an old 70's era truck that was making noises pulling into the driveway towing a light blue Honda Pilot full of garbage and looking like it had been in an accident through a window.
    The seducer vanished from the room and at the same time my brother and his friends reappeared. My brothers friends were talking about something that they didn't want to share with me so I tried to coerce it out of them by bringing out my laptop and letting them play with some of the games. The friends vanished as my mom came downstairs asking for me and my brother to come upstairs. My brother went upstairs first and I followed twenty seconds later. Upstairs, I saw him sitting on the couch counting little M&M like candies with a rectangular glass box in front of him. I sat on the floor next to him while he sat on the couch and counted them.
    A little girl, around 5 or 6, and began watching us and asking questions to which I didn't respond to, but my brother did. I got up and went downstairs to the basement to discover that my brother was now both upstairs counting the candies and downstairs playing a computer game on my laptop that was hooked up to the tv. I realized that my brother could make a copy of himself to be in two places at once but still absorb the experiences of being upstairs counting the candies and downstairs playing the computer game. The game was Garry's Mod, and his character was the G-Man holding a briefcase while super jumping around a city map. I went into my room and came out a second later to find my brothers friends sitting around the room which was furnished with a queen sized bed with beautiful headboard and whatnot. My brother ignored me, but his friends proceeded to tell me about two plastic orange rings, that are not unlike the ones you get off of bottles of car oil, that teleport who ever stands on one to the location of the other. I thought they were pulling my leg and trying to make me look like a fool but I listened and began to become more and more convinced. They told me to try it at which point they brought up a map and laid it out on a table.
    The map was of a small section of the state of California, only about 10 square miles or so, that was of a zoo, mountain, river, and small rural area. I placed both orange rings on the map and began sliding them around the map with a pencil so as to determine where my destination would be. I noticed that there were very few roads and that the section of the map detailing the zoo gave little to no explanation of what animals were in there and there seemed to be several areas all over the zoo that were marked with a red rectangle and a cellphone in the middle with a red line going diagonally over the phone as to say that the area was a no cellphone area. I noticed that there were similar areas marked for cellphone use as well. My mom came into the room then asking what we were doing and one of my brothers friends told her we were just goofing around. She came to look at the map while I was still sliding the orange rings around. I prayed silently that she wouldn't take the rings from me as I knew she didn't know what the rings were capable of. She glanced at the map and rings and went to sit on a bar stool away from the table with the maps and rings were. She continued to sit there, making the vibe in the room very uncomfortable, as she knew something was up, but didn't know. She told us to ignore her and go about our business. We didn't so she got up and told us to clean up the trash in the room.
    My brothers friends grabbed trash bags and began to clean up while I grabbed the rings and went into my bedroom, locking the door behind me. I placed one ring on the floor by the door and placed the other on the opposite side of the room. I was going to test these rings, so I went to the one furthered from the door and with my back to the door, stepped on the ring. Nothing happened, at which I thought that I was duped and as I heard my brothers friends start calling my name in order to get the rings back, a sudden surge of power coursed through me that left me paralyzed on the spot. The image of Anakin Skywalker firing up his pod racer for the first time in the first star wars prequel flashed through me head. I saw a black screen materialize and expand around me with white lights zooming behind me with the feeling that I was slowly being teleported. The only thing I heard was that of a heavy manilla envelope being pushed under a door. The scene turned to that of a wreck on the highway just around a 90 degree curve in the road showing a car accident involving a tanker truck blocking all the lanes and one or two cars crashed into it. A voice began to play and I realized I was watching a commercial from the company that produced the teleportation rings. As the commercial began to play, more and more cars joined the the wreck crashing into it and one car even ramping into the air using an upside down car as an incline. The flying car did a couple of spins and crashed roof first into the ground on the other side of the wrecked tanker.
    The commercial was highlighting the safety features of using the rings to travel rather than conventional methods of transportation. The voice was very cheerful. The commercial suddenly changed to that of a river in Vietnam. On the river was what looked like a Vietcong solider on a river boat giving the impression that the time period was during the Vietnam War. Suddenly a solider in very futuristic armor and camo burst from the water, grabbed the Vietcong solider and dragged him into the water. I suddenly got the feeling that my boss, Franco, was behind me and while I didn't turn to look at him, I heard his voice. I realized that the scene I had witnessed involving the boat on the Vietnam river was part of a video game that France was showing me. He began showing me the game involving him burning Vietcong with a very weird looking flamethrower from the future. All the while, he was telling me about how good the game looked, how fun it was too play and more.
    Then, I was sitting at a poker table, the rest of the room was dark, but an overhead light illuminated the table and the other players. The other players were all beautiful women and while they all had small piles of chips, my chips was 10 times bigger than theirs. I knew then that I was no longer good looking but old and ugly with a long, thin, 5 inch nose, skin stretched thinly over my boney face and I was balding with long shoulder length strands of wispy white hair. I began cackling madly as the women smiled at me. I started to push me mountain of chips into the middle of the table to go "all in". I continued laughing and felt my skin began to start to droop at an alarming rate white massive amounts of white puss began to cascade out of the folds. I was still cackling like an evil witch the entire time, and the other women began to laugh too, but in a cute way like they heard a funny joke. As odd as the scene must have looked, I knew then in a flash of realization that the women weren't laughing at me, but laughing with me for they couldn't see the monster that I was.
  15. Last dream I can remember:

    I was five.
    I went into the living room late at night to grab a glass of milk before going to bed.
    Standing in front of the fridge was Darth Vader.

    I tried to scream and run but just wasn't able to.

    Then he cut my head off.
  16. I'm dreaming about my baby, keep figure out his face, looks in my dreams. My wife is 7months pregnant right now and we are very much excited about it. Can't wait to see him soon maybe that's the reason why I keep seeing him in my dream :D
  17. I was driving a yellow Ferrari through the city and the color lights on the buildings where tracing all crazy:eek: I either had a dime piece or a monkey sitting shotty I don't remember. Sick ass dream though :D
  18. i was gettin a blumpkin by some bitch and woke up with my underwear being wet
  19. My grandma showed up at my house and was like "I want my silverware back. I'll pay you." So we show her the silverware and she's like "no no that's not it, that's fake, give it to me anyways. for free." And my mom was about to give it to her when I was like "Lemme see your ID granny. I don't believe it's really you." And she's like "Sure it's in my car." And she walks to her car to go get the ID but then just drives off and doesn't come back. It was the second scammer I successfully called out in that dream.
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    I had a few not too long ago, I had to make a model building for umm... that NRA leader guy from all the western movies (forget his name, you probably know him Americans). I made a skyscraper out of building blocks and somehow made a penthouse with a treadmill in it which could fill up with water so that you could avoid injury due to the water taking down swelling. Then in the model it trained into a bucket and it overflowed... the NRA guy liked the idea so he gave me another day to fix it up but I never go that far in the dream.

    The one before that, I was going down this massive slide in NSW (not sure why it was there, it's an eastern state of our country), my mum took her shoes off and one fell down the slide at this amusement park. When I went to retrieve the shoe there were these jumping koalas trying to attack me and steal my food, I wingclipped one (with my elbow talon) back down while one growled at me. Someone behind me knocked the shoe down to the ground. I went below the slide (this slide was like 20 feet above the ground, parallel to the ground the whole way, no idea how you 'slid' down it. When I got to the bottom, there were all these things in the darkness guarded by possums and foxes. I got scared so I got my rugby player stepdad to go get it and he punched a fox then gave the shoe back to my mum.

    No idea what these dreams meant, but they were pretty weird and I've never had them before. I guess they signify the large changes going on in my life.

    Edit: Figured it out, it was Charlton Heston

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