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Describe the highest you've ever been

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by calories, May 25, 2010.

  1. The highest i've ever been was when I smoked the best weed I'd ever had. Went to a park with some buddies to smoke a bowl. I took 1 hit maybe 2 I don't even remember. It was a huge hit and I started coughing a lot. After I stopped coughing I sat on a park bench and close my eyes and started TRIPPING. If anyone has ever seen the episode of The Fairly Odd Parents where Timmy travels through the internet, that is basically what was happening to me.

    An honorable mention goes to when I went to a Wiz Khalifa concert a couple months ago. We rolled 11 joints between 4 people and only ended up getting through 9. We were so high, when we left the concert and were out on the street my friend asked me when we were going to the concert.
  2. Me and my buddy kevin split a gram of GDP hash oil in 1 sitting.. if you dont know, 1 hit of this shit is equivalent to approx 1 joint, sometimes more. was around 20 hits each for us, sooo like 40 joints blasted in 1 hour. sounds unreal eh? it was.. I started getting anxiety really bad and had to leave the hash bar lol. went to the beach and chilled all day on the sand
  3. I was at a good friends house smoking with her and another friend and after 3 blunts I knew I was extremely high. while smoking my friend got the girl's dog high and we (me and the dog) went inside and talked to her room mate about Paul SImon for some reason that I still can't figure out. She left and I started watching Roseanne on TV. It could have been for 15 minutes or for 2 hours, I really have no idea, and the dog and I just sat on the couch and had a great time. when I had to leave I was still a high, so I took a walk around the block. As I was walking I noticed a guy coming out of his car, and it was probably 1 or 2 in the morning and I somehow convinced myself that this guy was about to rob me, so I walked for over 2 miles (I retraced my steps the next day) and had my hand on my knife the whole time- I was freaked out. eventually I calmed down and realized that it was no big deal and got in my car and went home, but it was a crazy night.
  4. I was laying on my friend's couch laughing at everything, couldn't (or didnt) want to move at all and could barely see at the point, was hearing noises and watching don't be a meance. almost all of us were like that so that was one fun ass day.

    can't really explain much else other than my vision got so fucked up it was almsot like tripping lol
  5. walked up to a group of five people didnt say a word started laughing to the point it looked like i was crying told them thanks for the most hilarious comversation ever and left.
  6. First time in Amsterdam, my legs went numb so i couldnt feel them, and that didnt stop til i got halfway back on the ferry. was there for 3 days but i can only remember about 5 minutes of stuff... pretty much the highest i've ever been...
  7. as far as i'm concerned, if you remember the night, you didnt get get high enough.
    the best night i can 'remember' is waking up with 12 garden gnomes in my bed with me, good night? i think so.
  8. I'm pretty hiugh right now and Zi'm bird calling everyone and leavin voice mails that THE BIRD IS THE WORD! BA-BA BA BIRD BIRD BIRD, THE BIRD IS THE WORD!
  9. In America a while back, I hit a bowl or two with my good friend and this girl, then she drove us around for a while, (this was when I hadn't smoked in like a year)
    Every driveway I thought I recognised it, I was saying oh I know that place, then BAM we get close and I'm like wtf were are we? That 30 minute car journey back to his house was like ecstasy it felt so good looking around and stuff, it felt as if it lasted ageesss aswell :)

    It was very enjoyable :D
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    Got about a half 1/8 of some skunk... Or an 1/8, I honestly do NOT remember. I will explain all that I remember. As an earlier poster said, if you remember the night.. You weren't high enough. Sorry for the long post xD but I love story telling.

    So we went through my kitchen, and there were some raspberry muffins ( made. Grabbed 2-3 of those (so did my friend), grabbed a 48oz glass of kool-aid, and proceeded to head out to my backyard. Went behind this playhouse type thing and loaded up the home-made pipe. We asked each other how much we'd smoke, and decided we'd smoke until we forgot how to load the pipe. Before smoking I had eaten all my muffins, as did he. They were delicious, for sure.

    We smoked bowl.. After bowl.. After bowl.. After bowl. Eventually coughing towards the end and drinking our kool-aid. I believe we were both so far gone, we eventually decided just ONE more bowl before going, and to take the biggest hits we could... The kool-aid was already gone. We each took one hit apiece, and I coughed like none other. Threw up a mix of muffins and kool-aid. All I remember saying was "Haha! Now my mouth tastes like raspberry muffins and kool-aid!" It was amazing, my mouth didn't taste like shit anymore, it tasted AWESOME. We nearly finished the whole bowl, it was amazing. Best part was, I hated how my mouth tasted, and now it tasted just like raspberries. I loved it.

    We stumbled through my backyard, the moon completely full, and I hardly remember the walk back to the front. From what I remember... We walked in slow motion, I thought I was some super-saiyan and pretending to shoot a slow-motion kamehameha, he dodged it and shot me with a fake gun, thought my life was being narrated by some movie guy... And there was so much more in that 2 minute walk, lol. When we got close to the side of my house, we had to walk through a bunch of tall grass from there on until you get to the front porch. We walked from there on to the front porch, and I remember that my friend said "The trolls! The trolls!" in a friendly-joking matter. I, at the time, thought he meant in the grass.. So messed around kicking the grass and shit. But later confirmation (we talk about "The Trolls" often, as this was one of the times we got severely fucked up) tells me that he was saying WE were the trolls walking through the grass.

    After walking through the grass, we stood at my front porch laughing at how much bud we smoked (We nearly smoked the whole thing, we had been out for quite awhile just laughing). We laughed so much at how severely fucked up we were and just at how great we felt. Just... Laughing! Everything was great, and it was definitely one of the best highs of my life.

    After we walked through the front doors, neither of us remember what happened. At all. We tried so hard to recall what we did once we got beyond my front door... But we have absolutely no clue whatsoever. Only thing we know is that we went STRAIGHT into the kitchen to get food. What food? No clue. How late were we up? No clue. Did we smoke more? No clue. One of my absolute favorite times with my best friend and stoner buddy.
  11. it was my turn to hit from a bong, but i couldn't remember how to work it so someone got it all ready, held it up to my face and told me to inhale... fun night.
  12. I haven't gotten too high yet. When I was in NJ I only got weak ass shake, but I moved to Hawaii and I can get the good stuff now, but I have only smoked once and I got hella high, even higher than my first high, and it was from 2 small hits of dank and 3 beers. I could hardly walk, but I woosed out because I was uncomfortable in the place and with the people I was with, so I went to sleep and wasted the high. My husband asked me is I felt any pain in my body yesterday and I told him - what pain?, so we started researching marijuana and found our about medical and researched some more. Now I'm waiting on the doctors office to finish copying my records, so I can make an appointment with a MMJ doctor. I am sure looking forward to smoking some more dank, so I'll have to get back to you all later on my escapades!

    OP, thanks for posting this thread +rep

  13. Just got done with a month long t break and got hella blazed. I felt like one of those blobs of lava in a lava lamp. I was so warm and felt like I was morphing and stuff. Awesome.
  14. me and my homeboy spent 35 minutes discussing the difference between a leprechaun and an irish midget
  15. Had to make an account for this thread. the highest i've ever been was my first time getting high. it was me and 4 other people who were seasoned tokers. we had a 50 sack of some really dank ak-47. we rolled almost all of it into 2 blunts. cannot remember how many hits we got out of each of them but it was a shitload. after we had finished them everything slowed down almost to a pause and people seemed to be really clsoe up to me and my vision was in "high-definition." after a while everything was like in my face and my vision went blurry. i told my cousin that i was hella fucked up and they got me some water. i nearly passed out but they told me to keep my head above my chest and to drink water. apparently i poured the water all over the ground instead of drinking it, but i couldn't see the water on the ground or feel it spilled all over my body. on top of all this whenever i talked it sounded robotic and drawn out. they thought it would be funny to jump over me making me blink which nearly made me pass out. (i had a really bad case of the spins.) i do not remember the dive home but i do remember i was fully conscious. the whole high lasted about 5 hours. i'll never forget it....
  16. i just tried to eat fruit loops without a spoon upside , , down. That counts
  17. It's a tie between 2 times.

    Once, it was as if the lord himself had placed his holy hands upon me, assuring me of everlasting life.

    The other time, my head started spinning and i puked and passed out.

    Those are my 2 highest times ever.

    And once when I woke up behind a toilet in a hotel room's bathroom, only to emerge and find that no one in the room looked familiar. They ended up knowing who I was, but I didn't remember a single one of them so I just got my things and left apologetically and awkwardly.
  18. Hmmm the highest I've ever been... Quite a while ago when I had extremely low tolerance I smoked a j of some really dank shit with my bf. I remember sitting on his bed for like half an hour completely spaced out thinking about the meaning of the universe. Everything was strobing and looked really vivid and bright. Then I kept looking in the mirror at myself to see how red my eyes were. It was awesome!! :hippie:
  19. The first time I smoked I laughed a lot. Anything I looked at was funny. Also on my third bowl I blew into the bong we were using and ruined the rest of the bowl and then laughed about it. Haha it was great.
  20. As dirty as it sounds, the highest I've ever been was on Robitussin (yeah grimy I know). My friend and I discussed it the next day and both of our stories of what we did that night conflicted and we never truely found out what we ended up doing all night (although it seems clear to both of us in our own minds).

    Lesson learned, just toke up.

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