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Describe the highest you've ever been

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by calories, May 25, 2010.

  1. Go! I'd like to what some people describe as super fucking high, because I wanna see if that's how I feel tonight ;)
  2. I forgot how to walk up my stairs.
  3. I had to remind myself to breathe, lol. :smoking:
  4. You can't focus, and your vision is strobing. Everything looks so clear and bright, but you don't really fully comprehend what your seeing because your thoughts wander and your brain is like disconnected. You can laugh for several minutes straight. Your mind and body begin to feel separate.
  5. my roomate and i smoked one time back in the day and for about 30 minutes we chased each other around the kitchen island, but we were chasing like we were in slow motion. lol
  6. ^ lmao. that would be something funny to watch.
  7. I saw tracers. Only happened once. It was amazing.
  8. I dont know, each high I get is kinda different, but I dont get completely intoxicated, basiccaly you have the Indica and Sativa strand, one is a total body high, one is a mental high, im not sure which ones do what, but those are the 2 major differences. When I get high depending on any strand I like to go out dirtbiking, play guitar, write and record music, I usually always do something that involves the mind, I dont like to sit and fry on the couch. But it all depends on what kind of strain the bud gives you. Hydro-auerponics, inside or outdoor grown? etc etc
  9. I was so high, I was watching Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking about time travel when I went downstairs to cook some popcorn. I laid down on the counter while standing up and just closed my eyes and slowed time. Time started beginning slow down so much I eventually stopped time. I was cooking popcorn at the same time as this, and the beeps finally ended. Stop had stopped, it was fucking nuts. I then got the courage to get up and get the popcorn and head back upstairs. Couldn't let my friends miss some popcorn action!
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    I once got so high that I tripped for at least 10 minutes. I would trip for a few minutes, then I'd come out of it for like 30 seconds, then close my eyes and go right back into it. It was scary at the time because I was a pretty new toker. I chose to close my eyes and go back into it though, it was cool. I had been drinking too, so I was realllly fucked up.
  11. 3 bowls of "medicinal silver haze". me and a buddy made a milk jug bong yeaaaars ago and smoked 3 bowls of the stuff. it was the lightest colored weed id ever seen at the time. anyways we smoked outside. came back inside chilling in his room. i was sitting on the floor. my heartbeat was in hella slowmo. it would beat twice and everything i saw where shades of purple, two more heart beats and it was back to normal. it happened for a good amount of time. this was all happening while i was petting his cat......... HE DIDNT HAVE A CAT, IT WAS A DIRTY SHIRT ON THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!! wtf!!!!
  12. Well, the highest times i've ever been, I've nearly always had sever panic attacks while being so high cause i was a newb and thought something was wrong haha:smoke: and mostly i experienced very couch lock feelings and my mind was like disconnected from my body, a very numb out of body experience!
  13. Well this was at a time where I had very low tolerance due to not smoking for a long time and not smoking great bud almost ever. But anyway....I was at my friends house, we smoked a good amount of g13. I had no idea what the fuck was going on and while walking up the stairs of my friends house everything began to look like a sketch in black and white for a few seconds....I pretty much was fucked up beyond belief. I then went on to have a horrible rest of my high that seemed to last forever until I got myself under control again. If you don't believe it, I don't blame you, But it happened lol
  14. I cant remember the highest ive ever been, but the first time i ever did a popper (ive never smoked tabacco before) fucked me up sooo much. I still dont smoke cigs or cigars ever so poppers still fuck me up pretty good and i recomend them to everyone lol.

    my experiance is hazzy but i remember the fealing pretty well.

    it was in the morning while camping and we decided to smoke some weed, we didnt have alot so we did poppers.

    once i finished the popper and felt everything get sucked into the bong, i held it for a bit and coughed for a few seconds(never cough, like ever) and it hit me right away
    it was like being really high, but it made me kinda dizzy and light headed. At first i kinda paniked, but withen a few seconds i was realing amazing. I just sat on the couch and relax while watching everything go on. It was deffinaly a head high, my body felt good, but my mind was somewhere else lol. I wish i could describe this better, but you really have to experiance it.
  15. I dont have much memory but apparently I started pop locking in front of Auto Zone sometime last summer. My friend that was with me keeps bringing it up for laughs.
  16. Sitting down felt amazing :D
  17. It was the first time I chiefed but it seemed like I was in a dream, and time was like skipping. I went to qdoba and I orderede and then I sat down and completely forgot where I was and then I couldn't remember ordering my food, it was awesome.
  18. Man we had smoked two bowls, then vaped. I crawled into the window, and my buddy's blacklight was on; It was like teleporting to another world. I crawled onto his bed, and just started imagining the most crazy shit. Good stuff.
  19. Well well well... it was the second time of my toking history. I was like, pretty much not connected with my body. I was forgetting things that had just happened 3 seconds ago, asking questions such as "was I just laughing?". I was in my friend's shed, and I remember it being halloween. Occasionally my friends would turn off the light, and I would think I was in a totally different place. Once they turned them back on, I said "oh, it's halloween lulz". And well, there's a mirror on the ceiling, and a couple on the wall in his shed. My friend has this really, long range professional green laser pointer. They turned off the lights, and shined the light on the top mirror, and the whole shed was like a smokey disco. My whole body felt like straight orgasm, and my eyes felt like they were being tickled by the hand of god.

    To summarize, it was good. :smoke:
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    This was after countless blunts, a few bowls, and a few bong packs...

    My whole body felt like it was super vibrating, Couldn't remember what happen every 5 minutes, couldn't focus very much, Legs felt completely numb (Yes, it felt as if I was floating), I kept drifting in and out of conscious, could barely form a sentence, everything was ultra bright, eyes felt like weights were attached to them (They were closed from what my friends said lol), everything was in slow motion and in frames, yeah I had a low tolerance!

    I was so high I forgot about/couldn't even get munchies. I completely lost sense of time, 5 minutes felt like hours and I don't remember taking my 20 mile trip home but I do remember waking up still blown as hell and having to go to school lol. I walked in and everyone at school knew lmao.

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