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Des Moines, Iowa - Green Crack

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by PBR, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Smells like a sweet citrus, best I can describe it.


  2. Fuck yeah, looks like fire!
  3. looks veryyy similar to pink kush.
  4. definitely love green crack.. nothing gets me as cerebrally high
  5. That may have made its way through sioux falls, hard to tell from the pic though.

  6. agreed, never had a head high like green crack before
  7. Tonight will be the smoke report, I haven't had just Green Crack yet. Excited!
  8. Yeah dude, the shit is good. MY connect usually has it & grandaddy purp.
  9. Green Crack is probably my second favorite weed of all time. (and I've smoked A LOT of medical weed)

    The taste is very fruity.
  10. Do let me know when you get some!

    Also smoke report TONIGHT! Was too hung over and just wanted to sleep last night...
  11. Good to know that others on GC get some good frosty danks from Iowa :smoke:
  12. hey whats up from WDM/Clive area, wish i could find some of what your gettin looks real good man:D

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