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  1. depression sets in again...all the clasic symptoms. insomnia.
    random breakdowns. straight-edge. seclusion. cant talk to my girlfriend, shes just as depressed as i am. forcing her problems on me, and blaming me when i cant fix her life. failing three classes. decided to smoke really high, everything is good for a couple hours, i go to sleep. wake up, everythings back, times ten. what to do what to do. cant sleep. cant eat. cant think straight. didnt do my homework for school. no one awake to talk to. no one would understand. i need an outlet for all this stress, i cant think of anyway to relieve myself. i've got a roach from a blunt earlier or a straight-edge razor. life is so pointless.

    i hate being depressed
  2. One thing that really cheers me up, though it seems pretty minor, is to sit outside in the middle of your backyard, or if you don't have a backyard, in the middle of somewhere where there are no people. And just relax your entire body and clear out your mind of all thoughts and just think about how big the universe is. And think of all the stupid ass rules that restrict us as humans, rules that the other animals do not have to deal with, and think to yourself how you are not going to live by those rules. How you are not going to be forced into this societal structure and that depression is just a name that some stupid ass doctor gave to a feeling that is very important to you.

    Depression is nothing more that an emotion that doctors do not understand, that they claim is not normal...

    Pardon me, but f**k them.

  3. throw the razor out the window you dont need that to smoke your blunt roach, and relax,clear your mind.. and listen to grassy said,...

  4. well, youve just gotta keep your head up. theres way more to life than being depressed and im sure you know this. i know how you feel because ive been there. when youre depressed, it seems as if theres no way out, but there is...and things change, for the better. i know it doesnt sound very likely but your life wont always be the way it is now. there is a point to life...and everything. things will get better, if you let it.

    talk to someone. anyone. it'll only do you some good.

    and smoke a lot of weed. ^_^
  5. Go sit outside somewhere secluded and smoke that roach blunt. Get high and go out on a stoned adventure, walking around and shizzle, talk to a tree.

    Life is pointless by itself, it's left empty so you can add your own point to life on purpose, oterwise we'd all be slaves to the point to life.

  6. Hey dude-
    I know exactly how you feel. I'm having huge marital problems,Ilost my job that I really liked, plus I'm having legal problems because of the job thing. Anyway, what you need to do is get some help! Go to your doctor who can prescribe you something for the depression-it helps,trust me. Also maybe see a counselor. That is what I'm doing. I had put off seeing somebody for 3 years and shit just kept getting worse but now that I am getting some help things are starting to look up. And if you need someone to talk to I am here.
  7. dude, you got an outlet here at the city. Its helped me a few times, and many times i didnt have teh good fortune to have any weed to see me through the rough.

    i suffer depression like a fucker some times too. i've looked to leathal things in teh past thinking they were apealing escape routes. the thing you gotta remember is, never let the fuckers beat you down.

    ever tried meditation?

    and i know it sounds like the typical hippy thing to say but...

    go comune with nature. it really works.
  8. ^^^yeah what digit said too^^^

    Try yoga, smoke a fatty and go througha workout. Stretching and shizzle makes the energy in your body align and it's a sweet way to feel good. After i finish a yoga session i feel so damn good, like i shed my skin and beacme new, like all my body's energy is working together with the mind in synchronous harmony

    Try the traditional workout, dim the lights, clear the floor, smoke a blunt and breathe and stretch, I guarantee it will make you feel better in some way, if not i'll let u kick me square in the nuts for lying to ya.

  9. Yeah man.

    Throw that razor out de window like the lady said.

    It will pass.

    All things do.

  10. ^^^got a good point! do that!^^^^
  11. The bullshit society throws in our face, how could you not be depressed. Get meds for it. I did and I'm not depressed anymore, just a huge bitch. Oh well.
  12. Society does fill our lives with bullshit. It really gets me depressed sometimes. When I get depressed I just toke up and listen to sublime and LBDA and elton john. After a while, it seems like I can make it.
  13. I have been having the strangest thoughts lately.....I feel the call of the road again, and it makes me depressed. So I've been thinking, sometimes I wish I was a heroin addict, so I wouldn't have to worry about anything anymore, just getting more heroin....but it probably won't happen.
  14. ive been depressed lateley due to the fact that i have a DWI pending and its my second one.. and im struggling with alcholism
  15. i have to take "zoloft" for my so called depression. i usually put it in my mouth and spit it out again. i have like a pop can of all these sucked on zoloft. MJ is the only medicine i need:D.
  16. Man, I felt the same way and sometimes still do, but thats where I started listening to myself. My dream was to live on a beach, get a career in graphic animation and smoke the best bud earth has to offer...

    And despite MANY people trying to convince me to stay ill finally be flying out to Cali ina week or two, and im in Virginia, big move, but its what I want, and knowing im doing something for myself and my myself only feels good and makes me feel better about myself.

    Find out what you want in life, and take it.
  17. anyone taken antidepressants while they still smoke weed?
  18. i think i am depressed, cant find anything i like about life anymore. besides weed. but when im high, i only think about how much i hate myself......
  19. I really do not know what depression is like. If it helps any one of you out there.....

    2 years ago I was told I had terminal cancer. Im 38 and thought I was at the top of my game.

    Killer job
    (In that order sound like a man to you)

    None of it mattered except love, laying in that bed thinking about REALLY dying

    I remember thinkin, .....god.....I wasnt really religious till that point.....If I could just have a few more days...........
    Well that was almost 3 years ago and im still kicking.....and everyday I thank god for another day......some days are harder than others.....but its a day I stole......from fate....
    I cant change your reality but try to love yourself and love your god. You really dont know when your numbers going to be up......I can only tell you that regrets are things you dont do.......Im trying hard to make sure this time around I kick some ass......Loving myself and those close to me.....Smoking.....Rocking......Exploring......Compassion.....making the most of the gift of life, as far as I know its a one time GIFT.

    Best of luck to those struggling with lifes challenges
  20. way to go nikidog. It's great to see you have good priorities, and here's to you stealing more days from fate.

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