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  1. hey guys, im just trying to live the dream at school. very depressed today though, had a death wish. was riding around on my motorcycle with no helmet and no lights in the dark. i don't know why this is happening to me. Classes are a bitch, can't complain about girls, but sometimes i just want to step in front of a bus. i need some guidance...
  2. Don't drive around at night with no helmet and no lights, and then it will stop happening to you. You're not a passenger of life, you're the driver. You've got to turn those lights on, you put that helmet on, you are the one who will decide if you walk in front of a bus. You can make the choice to elevate yourself above having to make these choices, it's in you.
  3. driving a motorcycle with out lights and helmet is not cool as it endangers innocent drivers/pedistrians. kind of lame

    as for the classes what is the deal?? full time student?? maybe cut back or drop a class

    I get kind of depressed about school because I blew off highschool :smoke: and am starting to see some obvious consequences that will probably effect my future eduction/career goals--I just gotta :bongin: take alittle responsibility for myself, and work alittle extra hard you know what im saying?? shits not gonna get better unless you make it better
  4. Jump in front of a bus my brother.. shoot yourself in the leg, jump a 3 storie flat, then OD on dubs.
    Maybe Then you will realise your own life' significance when you evaluate the value of its meaning.

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