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  1. I've had serious depression for a long time now. It's gotten much more serious in the last few months. I'm so stressed out all the time, my mind is all over the place, I can't relax, I've lost my enjoyment in just about everything, my social life has gone to shit, I'm stupid, have no career ahead of myself, and struggle in school. I don't know what to do. My physchiatrist put me on medicine but it barely does anything at all. I'm so weak. My hope for a future and my consistent perseverance are both faded. I dream of being happy. I don't know where to turn with my life at this point. Thanks for reading just felt like venting a little.
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  2. Ask to try different meds, tell them it isn't really working.
    Keep in mind most you will have to take every day, and they won't fully work until you've been taking them for a few weeks. It took me a very long time to find the right combination of meds so don't give up.
    Hang in there, it gets better.
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  3. the therapy meme?

    well THERES your problem!
  4. If all of that were true, you would not be "venting". You would be attempting suicide. You have some hope. You are reaching out. You are not that depressed, just over-reacting. And you are not stupid cause you would not be able to type or spell.
  5. Dude , when thinking about something bad,hard,stressful or your just in a bad situation or place. Think it through and try and think logically. Find the little things in life that give you joy, it could be art, chillen with friends or spending time with family. It could also be a hobby it could be as simple and a video game your good at or a small goal that you are or want to strive to achieve. I would try and work thing out mentally with your Doctor and have a plan in place when your starting to feel down. In my opinion if you are smoking (weed ) try and get you head right before your smoke again, it's not good to smoke when your upset or sad. Keep ya head up, guessing from your statement your still in school. You need to understand everything in that school stage of their life are going through similar thing so your never alone.

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  6. No magic pill or drug fixes loneliness. Get friends. Lord Voldemort had no friends and look where that got him. Just sayin'
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  7. One of the most powerful wizards? With a army behind him?

    Op, you sound like 98% of people your age in school. Try getting a gf, join some groups on campus, meet, keep talking with your doc.
  8. I just wanted to say I feel ur pain bud! I too am a worthless ugly loser with no self esteem period! Hell im even depressed when im asleep man! I swear to God its truth I used get relief while asleep but now it's just misrable as fXxX 24/7 if awake I hate every sec of every day if asleep I'm dreaming sum of most depressing shit that no way I can possibly wake up & feel any good! I honestly have absolutely zero desire to live! I HATE EVERY SEC IM FORCED TO BE BREATHING! If not for what it do to my MOTHER I wouldve done ended this ugly worthless losers good for nothing life! I am positive that if anything every happens to my GREAT MOM im right behind not that cant live without my mom just hate life period! I've tried every damn med the drs hsve to offer & all of it is crap! PERIOD! Life sux! I kno this didymt give any help just wanted to say ur not alone! I used be happily married with family & whole 9 yrds twice over threw it all away about 3 or 4 different times simply because I hate waking up each day period! Im loser my life sux any way I ever tried! Soory bud hope unlike myself u find hope!

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  9. Hey man, just wanted to say, hang in there. Personally, i would recommend getting off the meds, but im not a psychiatrist. If you look into the meds, they do more harm than good.

    The best thing you can do is to try your best to take care of yourself. Try your best to eat well, get enough sleep, exercise, and if you have any activities or hobbies you like doing, then do them as much as you can.

    I was really depressed once too but i got through it. Life will always be hard, but it gets better. I had fo hit rock bottom before i figured things out, but now im okay. hopefully you will figure it out too

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  10. Not true. You dont have to be suicidal to be depressed

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  11. Finding little things in life is good advice, but " thinking logically" often makes the depression worse. He is 36 so not in school stage

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  12. He is 36 tho...

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  13. Conversely, you don't have to be in the grips of depression to have suicidal ideation. I've suffered lifelong with the fascination that the end could solve all the confusion and pain of life making frustrations and disappointments as equally pointless as the joys and contentment of satisfaction. This can seem laughably far away at times when the mood is light but when the things swing far to the other side, there is a hunger for that oasis of peace that burns like fire. I've honestly never had an attempt but nearly twenty years ago I had concocted a plan to save enough money to buy a bus ticket out to the Grand Canyon and step into oblivion; saved for several months in fact but in the end couldn't rectify how to leave my wife and children to suffer a world I could not.
    OP, I hope your spirits lighten - they do, trust me.
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  14. And ? What does being 36 have to do with anything?
  15. How old are you, that 'bee urself, just do it, brah', isn't something he'd take easily to if he's 36 and still feels like this.
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    Like you I've lived with varying levels of depression. Stress ups your levels of anxiety, depression and obsessive thinking.

    One thing you might have to look at is not smoking as much weed. It's a great medicine, but like any other it isn't a cure all. It isn't the best for (some) people to smoke or use it when the rest of their lives are in turmoil. Because it removes you temporarily from that reality it's possible that you could be sort of paralyzed by inaction.

    A lot of suicidal ideation is a just your mind trying to find some relief from its current state, and not having any other ideas. It doesn't mean you're going to do it any time soon.

    There is no pill or plant that is going to change the reality of a shitty situation. It might be a good time to not smoke (if you are currently) for a while and see if it changes your perspective.
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  17. Agreed. It's also what the Mexicans call parte de cho (part of the show). That's just normal human depression. Everyone goes through it. It does not get real until suicidal tendencies kick in (IMO). I have been dealing with depression all my life.
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  18. I don't think weed and depression go together
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  19. I suffered from pretty bad depression in my early 20's..

    Worse thing I ever did was go to a psychiatrist and get put on meds...this Wellbutrin & Paxil bullshit they put me on made me want to drink all the time. I ended up flushing it all down the toilet bc it just didn't work.

    Music and weed and good friends helped me more than anything. Feel good these days :smoking:
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  20. A common problem doctors face while diagnosing the problems of others is not having ANY background information of the patient with problems. Much confusion between treating addiction problems like alcohol abuse or even weed dependency, knowing the variables of the entire picture are kind of essential to fix any given issue. Expressing your concerns online is a tool to utilize, however, in the dark web of reality nobody truly knows the motives behind any wall of text, threatening or not. Medication of any type will do comparatively nothing with respect to what getting outside in the sun can do for you plus a little kinesic therapy. Cheers and drink good beers!
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