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  1. Hey guys. Honestly didn't know where to put this, so this is a shot, I guess
    I'm depressed as fuck. Never been diagnosed, but I know what it feels like. I know that I am. Don't like to label it, anyways. I honestly didn't know when it started - I've always been the most happy and outgoing guy, but this past year everything's been going downhill. 
    I have a great family, we've always been extremely close. But lately everyone's been moving out of the house and we don't talk as much or see each other that often. That alone would be reason enough for me to be mopey, because I've grown accustomed to their relationship and seeing them each and every day, so they've just kind of been ripped out of my life.
    Also, my mom has serious heart problems and is in the hospital for god knows how long. So we don't have that strong, warm and secure feeling around the house anymore, and ultimately that makes my father miserable because he is completely lonely without her. My little brother is also becoming somewhat of a burden, he's 15 now and very mischievous and ill-tempered, kind of like the black sheep of the family, so that's not helping one bit. Me and my girlfriend's relationship will also be down the drain anytime soon. 
    Literally feel like my life is completely falling apart around me. On top of everything I have a full time job that's okay, but my thrill for it is around 0 with all of the things happening, so yeah.. Also sick and tired of the unjust world I'm living in. Sick of corruption, sick of wars, sick of people being evil. Sick of everything, basically. I also have basically no friends, so I don't have anyone to talk to. 
    I do smoke, everyday. It's the only thing keeping me somewhat sane, really.. I don't know what to do, honestly. I spend the majority of my time crying and being alone. I've never acted like this in my life, but it just feels right being alone at the moment. My biggest wish right now is to escape to a deserted tropical island and smoke ganja all day long, but I have life to tend to, and that fact pisses me off.
    Really don't know where I'm heading with this. Just wanted to get it of my chest, I guess..
    Hope you alle have a nice day. <3

  2. Try to look at things positively and be friends with your dealer unless you grow your own if not be friends with your dealer, they're usually really cool people to talk to and tell your brother to stop being a lil' fucker because your moms in the hospital and your dads the only parent there who is probably going through some shit right now so he needs to chill the fuck out and not give your family a hard time. Hope everything goes good for you man I was depressed a couple months back it sucks ✌️

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  3. Sorry to hear that you are going through a hard time. Just know that it will get better. I'm here for ya buddy.

    ->I smoke weed<-
  4. It'll all be good in the hood man, trust me leave it to god and let him work his magic everything will be fine man just stay high and stay positive...that's all u got in the world bro bro
  5. Thanks for the reply brothers.. Just what I wanted to hear. Great to know there's at least 1 great community out there.
  6. The problems won't last. 

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