Depression/anxiety/body dysmorphic disorder

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    idk where to really start. Okay so lately ive been feeling really depressed. every time i look in a mirror i feel like shit, i literally get frustrated because i have my face. I have acne all over my forehead and black heads all over my nose. ive been trying all sorts of acne medications and none of them have compleely gotten rid of my acne. i just want to rip the skin on my face of and die...literally.  My teeth....i have a gap and purple gums but the dentist says the purple in my gums is caused by my natural pigmentation (because im black) and can easily be removed. But i dont have the money for braces or that treatment. i feel like i just want to kill myself, all the girls i try to talk to pretty much think im ugly and this one girl when i got her number she was just starring at my face with a look of disgust on hers. I wonder why everyday..why god made me this way i did nothing to deserve this. i just feel like ive been cheated out of a happy life. Ive been feeling this way since the 8th grade and im a freshman in college now. always watching other dudes flirting with girls and getting out there but when i try they just either ignored me or just said youre just a friend , implying me to stop flirting. i fucking hate my life, literally. i lay awake every night for at least two hours thinking about suicide and how much my life sucks. and i know i should be positive...but thats bullshit. No one will ever know i feel when i look in the mirror everyday, and just being disgusted with what i see. I feel like garbage. idk how much longer i can take this, ive really been considering suicide for awhile now and i feel likt i might just do it, i mean its not like im gonna be missing out on anything by being dead.

  2. go lift weights 
    eat better food.
  3. Well i'm not sure what to say about the teeth, except try to save for dental work. My teeth aren't perfect either man, I don't have a gap, and all my teeth are perfect except my front ones angle forward a bit, so if you're looking at me from my right you can see they're forward, if you look from the left they look normal.
    And here's a skincare tip from one dude to another. Start shaving with extra virgin olive oil instead of shaving cream. You'll save a ton of money, and its really great for your skin, got rid of all my acne and make my skin look really healthy. Just make sure it's extra virgin, because the extra virgin stuff doesn't clog your pores.
    I've had low points where I've thought about suicide too man, just remember shit can look very different in a little while. Hell man I envy the fact that your in college at all, at this point i'm just trying to save money to actually go to college, i'm currently unemployed and don't have a car right now, but i'm still trying to stay positive.
    Also, if you don't already try setting up a workout routine every day. Exercise can help prevent acne/improve your skin by regulating your hormones which control your skin's oil production.
    I know i'm going to get hate for this, as people on this forum don't like them all that much, but if you're seriously depressed you could try some anti-depressants temporarily. I was on them for a couple months when I was seriously low, and they helped regulate my mood and keep me productive every day.
    Hope you feel better man.
  4. Cannabis does wonders for acne.
    if you can buy hash oil or make it, decarboxylate it in the oven and mix with coconut oil and other essential oils of your choice. Use it everyday after showers etc.
    The oil by itself, un-diluted, is a great spot treatment too.
    you've got the medicine, now use it ;)
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    i do lift bruh, lol but its not even the rest of my body im frustrated about because i know i can change that, its my face, just soo many problems all at once. Its literally the most frustrating thing ive ever dealt with in my life
  6. I use this "Timewise" facial soap from Mary Kay and since using it haven't had acne for about 3 years. I use it every morning and right before I shave and have been happy with my face since.
  7. So what you have a gap? I love gaps :)
    As far as acne that's only temporary..I use St.Ives apricot scrub and it's great for blackheads.
    I hate seeing you being so hard on yourself.
    (By the way, when it comes to girls, you really gotta love and be happy with yourself first)
  8. It could always be worse
  9. i say it all the time, punch bag, thrash metal, if youre lying their hating this, blaming that. just go fuck it and rage on a punch bag for an hour, do this everyday for a while and youll be laughing, best fucking shrink in the world is a punch bag toke up and tear up, take it out on the bag
  10. Can you see a dermatologist? They can prescribe a topical cream/gel that will work better than any over the counter medications. They also may put you on something oral like acutane or tetracycline. This would be covered by insurance Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  11. Yeah, don't take the Big Pharma psychotropics for anxiety or depression unless you try all other possibilities and you feel like you may self harm without treatment.
    They often make you gain a lot of weight and slow down your metabolism.
    If you have body issues, the side effects can make it even worse.
    When I took that stuff I gained almost 40 pounds for no reason, and a lot of it went to my face and I had a puffy looking face.
    As soon as I stopped taking it, I lost all the weight and am back to my usual slim self.
    They can help, but in my opinion should only be used for the most extreme cases of mood disorders.
  12. I rarely take time to answer anything serious now a days, but...
    I'm 21, safe to say I have depression for as long as I can remember. Was diagnosed by a psych 6 years ago. First suicide was a bit nasty, second wasn't intentional but stupid. Lately my depression has hit a peak this past semester, and I'm still struggling through it. I'm taking two antidepressants and a sleep medication because I have problems sleeping. Believe me, I know it sucks. I still have the urge of wanting to die and I don't really care about it.
    Here's some things about depression:
    - Being depressed is awesome, you can do whatever you want without giving a fuck (how I live my life).
    - If you are over thinking like I am, don't worry because it will lead to enlightenment about yourself or others. A lot of great thinkers/inventors/whatever in history had depression.
    - Learning to think positive thoughts will help. Emotions are thought-based. You feel down because you constantly think negativity. Think positively. Remember this quote, "I think, there I am".
    - Rationalize your thoughts. Every time you think something negative, ask yourself, why? Get to the real reason you feel that way.
    These quotes sum it up;
    - There's only up from rock bottom.
    - When you fall, make sure it's at least forward.
    - This too shall pass.
    - Don't take life too seriously, no one gets out alive anyways.
  13. Im really feeling like I just dont give a fuck no more. Every girl I try and talk to just doesnt want to be more than friends. Like what the fuck did I do to deserve this. I hate my life more and more everyday. Becoming more stressed out by school, girls and just everyday situations. I really wish I could just ask God what I did to deserve this. I honestly have no idea where my life is going right now. I just want to be dead.I dont give a fuck anymore at all. My life is a waste of time, I dont cobtribute anything to society but a hideous face. I really do try to be positive but that positivity attitude stuff is bullshit. idk I thought coming to college from highschool would help me get out of depression but it just made it alot worse. I should have no problem getting girls here. I feel so hopeless and just alone. Knowing that theres a decent chance ill die alone makes me realize how much I wish I just wasnt created. Sent from my SM-G730V using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  14. Ive really been considering suicide, if I had access to a gun I wouldve done it months ago. I might just pop alor if pills and go to sleep and never wake up...Sent from my SM-G730V using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  15. wow at some of these comments, telling him to lift weights or try this treatment or that won't help and this is a life threatening condition. the thing to remember is that there will always be a million people better looking and a million people worse looking than yourself, so you have to learn to love the skin you're in. i had a similar problem for years and i even went as far as plastic surgery (reconstructing my skull which was uneven) but even that didn't do much to the way i was feeling. i think weather or not you think so you're probably blaming your appearance for deeper problems. do you talk to anyone in real life about how you feel? I find one of the best coping mechanisms is just sitting down with someone you can trust and talking to them. If your anything like i was years ago you'll think I'm talking bullshit and think that theres no hope. as hard as it can be to see the light at the end of the tunnel it is there. You CAN be happy. many many people in your life love and value you and theres so so so much more to life than giving a fuck about what anyone thinks of you. 
    this may be going in one ear and out the other but please trust me when i say it will get better, please seek professional help, or talk to someone, even an anonymous person over a helpline. it really helps to voice what you're thinking to others and it kind of gives you a fresh perspective on what you're thinking.
    BIG BIG LOVE TO YOU MAN I LOVE YOU send me a personal message any time if you want to get stuff off your chest, its not nice feeling alone when you feel like absolute shit
  16. stop using medication and fix your diet.
    everything is caused by what you eat.

  18. Well, i think you should stop being a bitch.

    Think about other people before you.go killing yourself over a few spots on your face.

    I know how it is to get depressed and anxious, ive struggled with anxiety and all sorts for a year or so thinking im gonna die every day and shit, but i still man up and be a decent person and get shit done.

    I also have acne and black heads and they are a complete nightmare, but i think your over reacting to them by wanting to commit suicide over them.

    Eat a good diet (just no shit)

    Plenty of water

    Either see a cogbitive behavioural therapist or buy a self help book. I downloaded cbt for dummies and.doing the work in it has changed my life so much for the better. Like totally repaired me back to good old self.

    Be a fighter, be a good human, take the pain and keep on moving forward, be positive and look on the bright side of things.

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  19. Telf do you know how hard it was for me to even post this...go eat a dick fucking cunt
    Not everyone has the fucking mindset you do. Acne is ruining my fucking life.
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    it isnt the things that happen to people in life that effects them, its how they interpret those things and how they understand and deal with them.
    you have spots on your face and are telling people you are going to kill yourself because you cant flirt with girls because your face grosses them out, i mean come on. how can you expect sympathy for that?
    tell me this, do you have a bed to sleep in at night? do you have food to eat?

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