Discussion in 'General' started by MrSmokebigbuds, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. i really dont know why but i have been felling really depressed lately....almost to the pont were iam crying...this really suck..i have the felling like am worth less almost, i just dont know........
  2. Awww, MrSbb...I feel like that too, sometimes, and it sucks. It's just part of life, though. I wish it were the part that we didn't have to deal with but, unfortunately, it's not.

    Don't feel've brought a lot of cheer to me when I've been down so I find you quite worthwhile!!! If you need to vent about anything, PM me. I'm a good listener and I won't do any judging!!!

    By the way, thanks for doing you-know-what with your you-know-what!!! LOL!!! You're awesome, dude!!!

  3. LOL!, thanks, u allwas seem to cheer me up when iam down..thanks:)
  4. The funny thing is that some people are probably wondering what you did with your you-know-what that got me all EXCITED...and thankful! LOL!!!
  5. YA!! WHAT WHAT WHAT?!?!
  6. just readin this trips me down the stairs.
  7. i get depressed too, it's hard to get out of that mentality sometimes. try to focus on what you do have, the positives in life. perspective usually does it for me: considerably, life is pretty good.

    i hope you start feeling better. sometimes just talking out issues helps, we're here for ya. take care and try to keep your chin up!
  8. What they said'n'stuff... only It was a bit late. There's really no point in my writing this cos they allready said it.... Ah well I just second that...
  9. You're not worthless :)

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