Depending on the country : how to find job or create a business in marihuana industry

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by big orno, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. hello, I am an engineer since 8 years and grow cannabis since 8 years to."

    I am here to talk about our same pasion : cannabis.

    Actually I am trying to change of profession and work in cannabis industry. The future country isn't important.

    So if people have informations who can approach me from this goal (some job websites to find job firstly, licences needed to start your business, prices of the lands, etc...) I will be very great.

    As a passionated I like helping people so if you have some questions about my favourite varieties don't hesitate.

    Good smokes :)
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  2. Don't be a white man in Maryland
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  3. to find a job or have a growing business in the weed industry legal or not

    are to very different worlds

    as an engineer I suggest you use your current skill set to maximize your interest

    a self employed engineer in the weed industry has many interesting challenges

    be it electrical, AI, automation, basic electrical engineering, even hydroponics

    I suggest you move to a legal state first

    good luck
  4. Thank you :)

    I am engineer in construction so it will be difficult to adapt construction at cannabis :)

    Before put out my actual job and go in a legalized state I prefer doing a business plan :)

    Cheers :)
  5. What is the Marihuana industry:sneaky::laughing:
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  6. find an investor, the best ones i've found have affiliation with organized crime. if you're in a legal state/country they may have the connections to make more money by shipping it somewhere with greater demand.

  7. Thanks a lot for your informations :)
  8. Thank you a lot Docleary :) I will follow your idea to :)

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