Discussion in 'General' started by Zuax, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. I am not sure if thats how you spell it, but Depakote is an anti-depressant.

    OK, now in theroy, if i have some of these pills, 250 mg a piece can i take them and what will happen?

    Also about how much would one 250 mg pill be worth?


    And how about Zoloft 100 mg pills?
  2. divalproex sodium is for bipolar disorders...leave it alone

    street prices would vary depending on supply and demand, and I dont think theres much demand for depakote. The stuff will make you sick to your stomach and more apt to have seizures
  3. more apt to have seasures?

    my best friend takes depikote becouse he has epilepce(sp?)

    it is to control his he can drive and work without killing himself and others...

    and also ...

    my son takes it ...for bi-polar disorder...

    the only thing my friend tells me is if he drinks a cupple beers it is like he drank the whole
  4. Wow, its a good thing i posted here. I totaly forgot they where a mood stablizer and not an anti depressant.

    So more bad then good huh? But then DirtyDingusus did say they increase the effects of alcohol. Hmm, I wish I had test subjects.

    Thanks you two!
  5. i applaud you for asking before trying random drugs. If you want to find more scientific data and possibly some experiences, see if they have any entries or a vault for it at

  6. i was hopeing to here back from you on that seasure deal...if you have any more info?

    only becouse my buddy takes it for seasures and my son takes it for his head problems...

    my boy is also on seriquel...(to stop the voices)

    and for awile they had him on depikote sprinkels....(depikote with the seriqule mixed into it...

    your are the pill athority arround here...what can you tell me?
  7. in people who arent prone to seizures..yes it'll lower their "threshold" so to speak for getting them...

    in people who ARE prone to siezures it helps them...

    think of it in the same terms as ritalin....its speed..but it has a reverse effect on adolescents in small doses...

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