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  1. Any blades call Denver, CO home? Looking to move there or near it. I need to get the fuck out of SoCal and start my adult life. How is Denver in terms of: cost of living, people, amenities, activities, WEED, schools, etc.?
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    Cost of Living: Compared to Southern California, its quite inexpensive
    People: Awesome
    Amenities/activities: Dont really know exactly what you mean here, but if your talking about outdoor activities, then yes, theres plenty. CO is the healthiest state in the nation.
    Weed: Plenty of bud, it is a mmj state as well. The bud is amazing and very cheap. Im pretty sure if you have your mmj card they also have a few resturants there that serve food with cannabis in it, and im not talking just brownies/cookies.
    Schools: CO university at boulder is known for its 4/20 celebrations. Justdo a search on youtube.

    Its a great city, i dont currently live there but used to live in the Springs, and was in Denver alot. The weather is amazing, and the 0 bugs and humidity is a huge plus.
  3. Bro I live in Colorado, in a suburb like 20ish miles south of Denver, most people I know smoke weed, I've blazed with many randoms, camping, in Denver, my town etc. the poster above did a good job. And where I get weed the dealers are all sellin $10 for a g of dank. I honestly don't remember the last time in Colorado I didn't smoke some medical bud. And it's got great outdoors, snowboarding, camping, hiking and lakes if u like em. Denver itself is pretty chill. If ur thinking about movin out here take a vacation and do something for a few days. But be careful this time of the year any mountain resort is expensive as fuck. Any further questions pm me cuz I still live here and I'll hook u up.

  4. Yeah, I used to work at this place and a few of my coworkers had lived in or went to school in Denver/Colorado Springs and other places and all really liked it. They said that most people are just ski-bums and old hippies, really chill, and stoners. This is what has made me so interested. More importantly, though, can anyone give me an idea on rent? Also, I'm pretty sure I would have to register for a new mmj card, or do other states recognize this? And how is the job situation up there?
  5. Sorry bro no idea on rents, im still livin under mah parents roof. My neighbors are renting for 2gs a month for like a 2100 sq ft house, they are wayyy overpaying. Find a roomie and U should be good.
  6. i lived in denver or aurora 08-09 it was tight wasnt like NV thats 4 sure anyways im goin back next month i need a weed freindly envrment:smoke: oh yea n hella honeys!!!!!

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