Denver Police was nice to me!

Discussion in 'General' started by crucialdanks303, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. So today i got into a crash, That was determined "no Fault" but im on a permit, Because of a second drug charge i recieved a while back. So they revoked my license for a year, I have two months.

    Anyways! heres the sitaution.

    I was in the lane closest to the right turn lane, But i wasnt actually in the turn lane.

    A lady in a red Saturn SKY was in the turn lane.

    So im ahead of her and shes in a turn lane, Which means she is going to turn at the next intersection.

    Well next intersection passes and im in the middle of that intersection.

    So i decide i need to get out of the intersection, So i start to get into the turn lane that turns in a shopping center, And is about...200FT from the intersection.

    So as im turning out, All the sudden i hear a BEEEEEEPPPPP

    Its the dumb bitch in the saturn that was supposed to turn at that intersection.

    I swerve to get out of the way and she does to.

    Too late....

    BAM her headlight connects with the End on my Push bar and it just rips a line all the way through car, From headlight to Tail

    So we pull over, I offer her 300 dollars upfront and to call me if she needed more, She didnt like that idea.

    She tells me she is sick of people bashing into her, And that she has 2 DUI priors, So she is going to call the cops.

    By now im freaking, im on a permit, ive got a friend with me who is underage, But he has his license.

    So the cop comes, Takes my permit and my friends license, and my TEMP registration.
    (I didnt have my insurance card with me but i assured him i was insured)

    So the cop goes to the car, And comes back to me with one ticket. No proof of insurance and disobiance of a lane change.

    But AH! i find my insurance card, Give it to the cop and the cop takes my ticket and says, Alright man have your friend drive and have a good day. TICKET FREE!

    my Land Rover is fine. Her car is fucked!

  2. Good for you !

    Not all piggys are bad.

    I bet she was pissed.. teehee.
  3. Yepp, That cop was so chill!
  4. love when people don't understand traffic laws and try to stick it to you, glad to hear it turned out ok ;)
  5. Now the lady is turning it into insurance and since it was "no-fault" my insurance will pay for hers and hers can pay for mine :) with no increase in insurance rates :)
  6. ROFL Bet she wished she took the first deal you offered her now.

    Edit-Oh didn't read that lost post befor I posted :(
  7. She still should have taken it because Since she had Prior DUI's she had an suspended license, So dumb bitch called the cops on herself pretty much. Got her a huge ticket for DWS (Driving While Suspended) I would have taken the 300 and skkk---datttt-deeeleeed
  8. good thing you didnt get a ticket, idk colo laws but i cant see how her hitting you would be your fault. she was driving in the wrong lane, and hit you not the other way around.

    wish the mn police were that nice, when i got my car rammed into the hitch of a womans suv when she stopped on railroad tracks that wasnt no fault it was mine. even though there is a sign that says do not stop on rr tracks 3 feet to the right of where she stopped
  9. Honestly, It was both of our faults, I attempted to change lines in an intersection.

    She was speeding and crossed a Solid White line.
  10. ah i thought you said you were passed the intersection, like moving over into the turning lane
  11. I wish my "fender benders" went that well.

    I made the mistake of buying a 2003 escort with a previously salvaged title that some guy bought form an insurance company and fixed himself. He did the SHITTIEST job in the world.

    The last two years this bumper has been hanging on by a thread.

    Today I think it lost it's second to last bolt.

    Not to mention the other side of my car that's fucked up because of a hit and run. :mad: I don't think my parents believe me either. :eek: So there's really nothing I can do but sell it and buy a motorcycle.
  12. Always got to check the mirrors, there could have been a pedestrian or something crossing.

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