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Dense Buds vs. Fluffy Buds

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by IshikawasBeard, May 3, 2011.

  1. Title says it all, which kind of buds do you prefer and why.

    I personally prefer dense buds becuse they give you more smoke imo and in my past experiences dense buds have a much more profound flavor then fluffy nugs.
  2. In my experience the only fluffy nugs I get are Sativa (outdoor)

    I prefer compressed buds because usually they're more Indica dominant.
  3. dense, because its normally a better quality grow
  4. I would have to disagree with you about the flavor. I have a really tasty dense and really tasty dense. I like a mix. to dense and a twenty looks like a five. But one bowl will last for "ever". Fluffy weed is really good when your rolling. but in a bong or pipe it burns to fast. I like nugs that fluffy dense. Meaning i like good size buds that wont burn really quick but are still good for rolling.
  5. Dense for sure..fresh off the vine
  6. I love when I get fluffy buds. Fluffy usually means sativa and I likes me some sativa.
  7. dense, because usually dense buds are stickier when you grind them up and its easier to pack and rolls better imo.
  8. Ive noticed that fluffy buds tend to be more of satvia high and im more of a indica man to be honest
  9. As long as it gets me high and weighs out to what its supposed to, i don't give a fuck.
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  10. Yup I've noticed that too. I dig the sativa, mostly cause I like to write after getting baked. Don't get me wrong though I love Indica just the same :smoke:
  11. writing while high is a very enjoyable experience. both indica and sativa are amazing but have different uses, i prefer sativa during the day to get me motivated and indica during the night to help me relax.
  12. eh i dont really mind as long as i get baked but fluffier is easier to grind

    sometimes the dense shit is so sticky its a pain to grind up
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    ^ This

  14. It's all about preference, Im sure you prefer one over the other.
  15. You will never be a true connoisseur.
  16. My Sharpstone grinder is a godsend. No matter how dense the bud; that shit is going to be grinded. I prefer fluffy nugs. Why? Like most are saying, they're usually sativas. I really enjoy sativas. Also, fluffy nugs just look tasty. :p
  17. i like dense cuz i like to be surprised after i grind, its always more than i think.
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    Yeah that's true its always a nice surprise to see the ample pile of ground up bud

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