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  1. Well, I just got denied from this girl I've liked for a while now. Apparently she enjoys my company but is "concentrating on her life"

    This is after a weekend of binging on cocaine so my dopamine levels are already way hte fuck down, and this shit just makes me want to jump off a goddamn bridge.

    Goddamnit. :(
  2. Woah buddy who gives a fuck about this girl.
    You'll meet a better one in a little bit, just takes some time.
    WAAAY more girls out there bro say fuck her she's missin out~

    Toke a few bowls and you'll feel better homie :smoking:
  3. A few bowls and less coke, that is....

    An there are plenty of chicks, if she doesnt feel that way its just not worth thinking about.

  4. thiss guy know what hes talkin about
  5. Don't take that jumping off a bridge thing as any kind of seriousness. I just feel like crap, but you guys are right. I know I can get another girl, it's just that this girl was EXACTLY my type down to a T.

    But, oh well, que sera.

    BTW, I can't smoke any weed until october. That isn't helping.
  6. I know it sucks dude, but trust me things happen for a reason.

    feel better.
  7. no weed till october would make me real sad. GL recuperating
  8. Hopefully your not going by the name 'DirtyPete' outside of the internet, that could have something to do with it. :)
    The best is just around the corner DirtyPete.
  9. yo man it's not that bad... i know it's cliche, but there are worse things. at least you GOT denied, i used to be so introverted that i had a perfect record with girls--that's because if it wasn't a sure thing, i'd pussy out. at least you put yourself on the line, feel good about that man!

    of course, then i started partying and smoking... haha, life does get better.

    but yeah easy on the coke, be careful etc etc
  10. theres plenty more buds on the plant my friend.

    don't even worry about it you know girls are girls,your hands always been there for you..if you catch my drift.

  11. Haha, I like that analogy.
  12. she will be back,,,, you watch,,,,:rolleyes: [​IMG]
  13. haha chicken where are you gettitng all these cool smileys at

    im baked an im geekin out at all ur wierd smiley faces everywhere
  14. chinnese secret.....

    but dirty pete,,, just remember the next girl's out there.... doin her exercise,,,, gettin all good,,, and in shape for ya...:p

    .....[​IMG] <INPUT id=chk_3 onclick=objThumbview.handleImageCheck(event); type=checkbox value=7cd51c444aa1ec055c7a4bfbd3c54d0b.gif name=selectedmedia[]>
  15. there's plenty of fish in the sea... and the best baits a twenty dollar bill :hello::hello:

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