Den Activist from OG...It's Play Time

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  1. If any of you guys are from OG, then certaily you must remember me from there if you are a frequent Smoker's Lounge member.

    I'll be here for a while so, if you visit OG and if you don't...give me a holla.

    Den Activist
  2. Hi, welcome to THE City......
  3. HIGH All, Den Activist welcome to Grasscity. Been a OGer since late 99 and seen a few familiar names from OG.
    Have a good time here at the City.
  4. Hey Den.Nice to to see ya again.Thanks for the link.
  5. he loo

    lell o

    yell to


  6. I've used all variation with the word Activist in it... and settled for Den Activist.

    Used to be Activist, etc...

    Jedi Baby, nice to see that you came... Just did a search under yer name to follow you around for a bit.

    I'm trying to find out what is considered a heated poor friend who is infamous for raising social awareness my have raised the roof here :D

    I'm waiting some eager soul to start a good debate but they seem to have chickened out. ~_^ What can I say?
  7. heh den baby im finally here!
  8. I must say… OG has some MIGHY fine members who have come here to Da City!

    Urbanites (New term for Grasscity's people), please let me introduce to you…

    Jedi Hippi-passes knowledge of cultivation, as if he's passing a peace pipe :D

    Tweetfreak -The member with a heart of Gold.

    Fast Eddie -A man with hair on his chest, and as such, he tells you like it is.

    Saltie -Oh my…where do I begin. If yer looking for fun… Da chick KNOWS how to party. She's got BALLS of Steel!

    OMG!!! Gravychic-Goodness you guys will LOVE this chic… She is ALL Gravy.

    As I told them before, there's NO other site that gives such a warm familial welcome as GrassCity.

    And they'll keep cum'n ^_~

    Christmas can't get any better for me on the net than seeing more OG members close to me

    EDIT: I'm sooooo excited I have to keep editing this post lol

    Den Activist
  9. Don't know what I was thinking.
    I didn't know if people would use their same
    handles so I went with another.
    This is Mithril.
    Should I reregister?
    Truth now.....

    Hi everyone. :D

  10. Hey Mithril... Goodness you guys are gonna kill me with joy!

    If you like whispers keep it, but I've grown fond of Mithril, since she IS Mi thril when it comes to reading a smooth, heartfelt, and lovely post.

    Den Activist
  11. Whisper sounds a lil sinnister & i like it lol - you knew i would hahah. ;)

    Welcum Mithy babes!!! Nice to see you too...

    Love you all!
  12. Saltie, I thought it sounded very mysterious too. heh heh
    Sort of soft and .......hey! Yours isn't the exact same either. heh heh So nice to see you woman!

    It's so good to see you all here!
    Den, you know who I am ... mi thril was soooo cute!
    Now there's no S on the's a whisper..not
    whispers. ;)

    Ah me, another wonderful forum to become addicted to.
    Saltie, being up with you is simply not normal where I come from...not the land down under. hee hee

    Night all

  13. Goodnight.... Whisper....





    Goodnight..... Tweety




    Goodnight..... John Boy --OG doesn't have a John boy in da City :eek:

    Later dudes... Night Chickies.

    Den Activist


    Pa... you know.
  14. Guys its the longest day of the year here today - & i feel lovely sharing with my global godesses. Big kisses & trichome vibes - goin out you all!!

    The sun is setting, I dare not miss it.

    Sweet, sweaty dreams everyone ;)

    xxoo Saltie
  15. hehe...and I didn't even make the list, sheesh :)
  16. Whisper- Oh…gentle is the way to describe her. Her posts are thoughtful and gentle.

    Dasch- Is a romantic… doesn't usually write long posts, but he's always thoughtful and sweet.

    Mlip2003- The guy comes with the funniest things to say. He's intro speaks for itself lol

    Tank- Tanky baby, as I call him affectionately… Well, The man is definitely suave. You can't make him sweat. Mind you, he is a MASTER at what he does… You'll find out soon enough when he's ready to debate.

    Be warned, he never raises his voice, never uses any obscenity, but he can definitely make the devil see red. I love this won't believe me after you read one of our debates.

    I must say it again... you guys are truly special to me.

    Thank you.

    Den Activist
  17. aww you sweetie ;)

    So where's this fiery debate you spoke of? :-D
  18. Strike one up babe... I'm waiting for someone to start...then I can be accused of trolling if I start one lol

    Have you seen the new additions... well you did. Ya know Tank can get it going when he wants to... the thing is...trying to get him to want to.

  19. I'm sorry to intercede here, we are not "urbanites" but "blades".

    All blades in the City of Grass.

    IT may sound a little snooty, but being a Grand POOOOHBAH, in an organization such as OFFFF, it's part of my job to be snooty over certain things.


    I lied.

    I still have'nt figured out what exactly it is a POOOHBAH does.

    So I'm making it up as I go.

    Then get stoned and forget what I was making up.

    Tough job.

    But somebody had to do it...............did'nt they?

    Welcome one and all OGer's!

    I'm sure we'll get to know each other as time goes by.
  20. HIGH All, seeing as there is an gaggle of OGer's here I thought I'd introduce myself to you All. Den Activist, Jedi Hippi,Tweetfreak, Fast Eddie, Saltie, Gravychic, Whisper, Dasch, Mlip2003, Tank I live on Vancouver Island with my wife Rocdog and have two great boys The Boy and WoodBug OOPS can't forget WoodBug's dog named Drina.
    I work hard for what I have and take great pride in showing O.F.F.F. where I live. I've been growing Hydroponically for over 20 yrs and our latest way is the Bubble Buckets.

    I started going to these forums. was the first in 99 and then came and then Yahooka as a matter of fact I'm registered at every marijuana forum I could find *LOL*.
    Hope you All have a great time here...we are proud of our friendship here with each other, such as you All at OG.

    Hope you've All be good for goodness sake (with a sinister sniker).

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