Democrats changing the American flag?

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    Yeah, it's true.


    Vets angry over American flag featuring Obama |

    Anyone else think this is rather Maoist or Stalinist? I didn't realize we had to have one man who holds executive power all of a sudden replace the 50 stars that are our states.

    This is seriously making my blood boil...thoughts anyone?
  2. Uhhhh... why was nancy hubert speaking like a robot?
  3. I doubt Obama told a town to hang a flag with his name. So title is kinda.... not correct. More like his party is.
  4. Lmao. Im not going to get angry about anything america does. Its all ridiculous and humerous. When the world is your stage, at some point, youre bound to play the fool.
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    Obviously Obama isn't trying to do anything of the nature. Nancy Hubert acted like a fool and some veterans made her correct her actions, end of story. :smoke:
  6. Yeah you're right. Fixed. I still think its fucked up though. Kinda goes against all the people who died for this country.
  7. People.Are.Stupid.
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    At least it was flown under the American flag. Fun fact- did you know the only flag allowed to be flown above the American flag in the US is the Christian flag? I'm a dumb.
  9. Thread title is still incorrect. It should really be "Democrat". Just because one person did it doesn't mean you have to attribute it to the group as a whole. Especially since it sounds as if the entire Democratic party is making a push to change the flag to one w/ a picture of Obama on it.

    And, in the end, the crazy lady did fly her version of the flag under the actual American flag. Doesn't seem too anti-patriotic to me. Troops that died didn't die to protect the flag, they died to protect the United States.
  10. so what.....its not like its official...
    its just as if someone altered the flag on Photoshop
    it doesnt change what the true flag still is and those people should mind their own business...
  11. Source?

    Just doesn't seem to be allowed under the Flag Code. Usually the only time a flag can be higher than the US Flag is in a Nautical flag pole configuration. :smoke:
  12. Not an amazing source but it was one of the first to pop up on google:

    Christian Flag Facts

    Flag Frequently Asked Questions

    I got my facts a little twisted, I guess. Still interesting lol
  13. Thank You, for the follow-up. Informative link, I picked up a few more details (likely to get lost soon enough). :p :smoke:
  14. Meh, who cares. Americans like to preach about how the freedom of expression is important.... until it offends them.
  15. holy fuck if I ever see that flag flying... I'm liable to fuck around and knock someone out. I don't fight much anymore, but this shit would push me over the edge.

    Can't even describe in words how pissed this makes me that there are people in America that consider the pathetic excuse for a president that is Obama so great and powerful and respected that they would replace the 50 stars on the flag.

    One word to describe the situation:


  16. imo its disrespectful to the american flag. I know its "just a flag" but so many people have given up their lives so that we can keep that flag flying..

    I think it deserves more respect than that.
  17. im about join up and this does upset me greatly to know the fuckers im trying to protect so lady liberty can stay sexy are the ones smacking lady liberty around its fucked up
  18. They should make it a weed leaf made out of 50 states and legalize, all problems sloved.
  19. A. He is not pathetic.
    B. It was one idiot.
    C. The vets took care of it the right way.

    See above; I did my time and understand, but the vets did it right. :smoke:
  20. little do people know, before the states were divided up into 50 there was but 1 obamaland

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