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    who else thinks his new show on comedy central is gonna be the hottest show on tv since dave chappelle?? I do

  2. i have a reminder set on my phone for the first ep.. feb 11 i believe. Hes a funny mo-fo, I think his show will be hilarious. Cant wait :hello:

    edit: but to say it will reach chappelles show status? idk about all THAT stuff. lol
  3. i dont like him just becuase he was the replacement for mitch.

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    I only compare to chappelle because CC whole goal since that show ended was to find someone to "be the next dave chappelle" and has so far failed miserably with shows like... Collin Quinn, carlos mencia, lewis black....dave attel gong show...

    Demitri martin has the best chance in my mind to reach if not exceed chappelle status.

    And personally, I can't wait to see the credits. I may be going out on a limb here, it wouldn't surprise if the 2 shows shared writters. The skits on the commercials for demetis show reminds me of the chappelle show
  5. dude demetri martin is the man. i love his stand up shows. ive always wished hed get a show! i cant wait
  6. He'll never be chapelle, but this show looks good. I heard of him only recently, and just watched one of his standup specials on comedy central. Funny shit
  7. Show is on tomorrow after southpark. check it out yo you won't wanna miss it
  8. he's always been a non-pothead, lamer version of mitch hedberg

    for me atleast
  9. I first watched him about a year ago and I thought he was funny so this show should be good.
  10. This dude always seems really dry and boring to me. I'm going to watch though and give him a chance.
  11. Yeah, kind of bland if you ask me

    His segments on The Daily Show were always pretty weak

    How old would you guess he is? I was pretty shocked that he's almost 36...jeez
  12. Whuuuuut? I thought he was fresh outta high school or college.
  13. Excellent replies.

    I mean....I'm sure it'll top most all shows on CC except Stewart,colbert, southpark.

    I mean...chocolate news w/ David Allen Greer?? Sarah Silverman?? Carlos mencia??? tough crowd a/ collin Quinn?? Lewis black (can't remember name of his show cuz it bombed so bad).....give me a break, easily gonna destroy these failure shows
  14. While I am excited for this show, I do not think it will compare to South Park. South Park

    has been running for so many seasons and it just keeps getting better. I really hope that

    Important Things is gonna be funny, but I do not see it topping South Park, just my opinion

  15. read my post

    I said it'll top all shows on CC EXCEPT Stewart colbert and soutpark
  16. O my fault. Then I agree with what you said lol.
  17. His stand-up is really good, but I don't like how he comes off as a smug asshole. That being said, I think his show will be fairly popular, but I don't think his sketch comedy will be that strong.
  18. show has potential...sketches are alot like chappelle style sketches, except tonight they were focused on timing.

    Maybe it would be easier to make sketches each week if they based on a buzz word rather than just random sketches.

    I like the part where dude is filming...and demitri is throwing vases all over..I'm sure the show will be a hit.

    I think jon stewart pulled strings and is usually the guy that gets alot of comics gooin mainstream, many daily show correspondents are well...going big getting shows and staring in movies..
  19. He's the show's executive producer
  20. I'm talking all daily show correspondents not just demitri

    Steve correlle(sp)
    Stephen colbert..
    rob riggell(sp)
    lewis black

    Granted some of these might have had alot going before hand, but the daily show escalated alot of these guys careers no doubt.
    You can't deny daily show is the way to the top

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