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  1. I have 3 50mg Demerol with 0 tolerance

    Should i parachute all 3 together?
    Or two first then the third later?
  2. Try 2 to start, and if you're not too fucked up then take the third.
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    Just pop two or parachute one.

    You will be feeling fucking great, and the nice part is that you don't feel shitty 4 hours later when it's wearing off.

    EDIT: Actually start with one either way, and eat another after 45 minutes if you aren't too fucked up. If you think you've OD'd at all, just stay awake and you will be safe in 4-5 hours.

    IMO they are about as strong as 35-40mg morphine each or 20mg Oxy, but some people might not agree. Better to be safe though, no?
  4. no. lol

    jk but parachute one to be safe with anything that isn't a weakopiate like vicodin or tramadol or codeine or something
  5. ^ thats what I'm saying, just can't be too careful. Some people find it weak, but 3-4 kicks my ass and leaves me feeling good.
  6. meperidine is something never get the chance to use so it's always good to be extra extra safe. don't die on us OP :D
  7. or darv
  8. oh shit thats meperidine? i fucking love that shit. i get mepergans all the time
  9. haha.. demerol is the shit
  10. yezzzir they're pretty fuckin ill. who doesn't love it once in a while :confused: lulz
  11. I ended up slowly increasing my dose over like 3 hours. I ended up taking 5 (I found two more) in total, but on a full stomach.

    It felt great, i spent much of the time lying down on my bed with my eyes closed, awake, yet in a dream state, it was amazing. When i walked it felt as thought I was stepping on like clouds. All in all it was a great experience, i just wish i had more...

    Thanks for the help, i did start parachuting one, but didnt feel it, so i popped two, and i felt that, then a couple hours later popped two more just to keep the feeling up.
  12. hot damn bro. lucky you, walking on clouds, that's pretty fucking dramatic lmao

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