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    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 12, 2013 delta..been growing off and on a few years and have decided to go organic..i followed IN THE GARDENS basic mix..equal parts (*2.5g*) peat..castings..and perlite..1c kelp..and 1.5c plant tone..1c lime and 4c rock dust..just mixed it up earlier today likely will have to get more perlite and lime tommorow to make some more..gonna let that sit a month..ive popped 6 beans..3 hash bomb by bomb seeds..3 sour d haze autos by flash..ive got them in a half and half perlite and castings mix right now..they popped and were put into soil a few days ago..never made a journal before so bear with me lol..
     3x3 flower tent with 250w hps.
     4INLINEFAN with scrubber
     2.5x2.5ish tent with 196w floro t5s


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  2. well im an auto of my dogs decided it wanted it more lol
  3. well i have 3-5 sprouts above soil..2 auto and 1 H.B...gonna wait a day or two ont he last ones then ill see what the deal is
  4. 5-5..up..started my kush in flower few days ago..and been bouncy my little auto all over the house to try natural sun during the day..loving im thinking about fencing off a little section in my back yard..maybe try the autos ouside
  5. well things keep chugging along..seedling are still being seedlings always hate this part..seems so slow...the kushes are starting to stink all smelly good..flowering is well started..and my little auto just keeps swelling..never used sun before i could get used to this feeding with basically just black strap and water..doesnt seem to be an issue yet..ill try and post some pics later..gotta figure out how to resize them first
  6. still havent figured out how to downsize the pics
  7. or how to turn them so they dont suck
  8. ok well my little atuo seems to be running into some issues..suddenly i have leaves turning yellow and orange not real sure whats im lacking so im gonna go see if i can find some info on GC
  9. man..u ever came across some random that just rocked your dome? there rigth now lol
  10. my yumbolt about 3 weeks into flower
  11. the midget sour d/haze auto that i grew with mainly sun lol
    my auto and hash bomb seedlings waiting for there soil to finish cooking
  12. well things have been busy here..pipes busting..replacing roofing from storm damage..good stuff lol.But i just transplanted everyone into there new organic soil. However, my autos were obvioulsy root bound and will likely do zip in terms smokable material..soo maybe ill cook with them add to trim to try my hand at wax idk..My 2 hash bombs however seem to really be liking the extra room and 1 has added a couple of leaf set basically over hoping the time&money spent mixing and finding material for this soil pays off..i could have easily bought several bags of FF for the price...
  13. and to carry on in the bomb seeds tradition i ordered a pack of THC BOMB today..
  14. IMG_04791.JPG
    have a little yellowing in the HB but that seems to be clearing up since the transplant

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  15. i topped the HB..want to bush them out a little yielded well for me last time with no training so im hopeful for these 2..started 2 more SD/Haze autos a few days ago..they went into soil about 20min ago..the yumbolt feels like its a painfully long flower...but buds keep getting thicker day by day on wk i got about a month left the flowers smell like fruity pebbles when u touch them..def not a massive yield either..but ive had worst..i guess thats all for now..ill try and throw some pics up in a few days..not that anyone but me will see them but thats cool lol
  16. i guess its the rock dust in the soil..but man it weights ALOT more then FF..or the soil less mix ive used..especially wet..
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  18. well i put 2 more thc bombs into soil and there just breaking soil now..i re-topped 1 HB because it didnt really pushed right thru it not even bushing out..the other one however is now low and wide :)..the yumbolt will be coming down in about a week..just waiting for her to dry out a little more before the 48hrs of dark..buds feel pretty solid..all nice little cones..the 2 autos that popped really arent doing beginning to think its just really crap genes..wont be ordering those beans again..anyways ill try and post some pics tonight for fun

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