Delsym aprectiation thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Tekhnix, May 7, 2006.

  1. 888mg of DXM per 5oz bottle, gotta love it!
  2. isn't that real bad for you cause it's like extended release
  3. yeah, ive heard the same thing just blaze

    however, delsym is quite amazing :hello:
  4. wow, i think i should really invest in some delsym. didn't know it contained THAT much. i hope it's a the cvs down the street.:smoking:
  5. jello, go to

    you can type in your zipcode to find a store near you that sells it :smoke:
  6. its not as intense as real dxm.. so it takes more for the trip you want. Buut its the tastiest fuckin syrup ever.

    Just a lil advice, try drinkin a 3oz delsym and poppin 20-30 robo gels..

  7. will do. :metal:

    soon as i get my next 8th :(
  8. UH, guys, on a pharmeceutical, Mom note....This shit contains "polistirex" or in laymens terms PLASTIC! The studies are still out on whether or not these little capsulized pieces build up in your body. Jeez, be careful with this shit! Burn one and think about it.....
  9. yea.. it does have a slight plasticy taste
  10. it reminds me of this stuff i had to take in the hospital, but that stuff tasted like straight ass and i could NOT swallow for a good 20 minutes after i drank the stuff

    i will be careful with it, thanks for the concern. i actually would prefer to just extract it but i dont have the materials
  11. its excellent for extractions cuz when you do it it looks like snow when the polistyrex base breaks off haha, it all floats to the bottom

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