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Delivery donation

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Annah, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. Just wondering if anyone can answer this.  We've never had a delivery, and I was looking into it because my boyfriend has the car today, and all of the dispensary websites talk about donation.  Is this in addition to the cost of the weed? 

  2. It basically means tip...

    Donations just sound better, but their asking for a tip...

    And that's completely up to you, I've worked delivery jobs (delivering furniture, set up and all) and never got tipped and that's 100% more work that droppin off some me personally wouldn't tip...
  3. No no donations are what you pay. In medical states they don't sell you weed you donate money and they give you it. Dispensaries must be nonprofit by law so they say donation instead of sale.

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  4. This is correct.
    "But wait! Doesn't that mean I could just free weed and refuse to donate?!"
    Hold your horses, Bong Rippin Ranger. Technically, you donate to them first, and then they give you the weed as a gift :)

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  5. Haha you know some people try that, my brother was showing someone a 35$ gram of wax after some guy brought some flower an my brother stepped away to get change for the guy. He grabbed the wax and left without paying but ended forgetting about his change which was 60$. Instant karma right there. He also received a life time ban from the dispensary.

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