Delhi rape spurs Indian women to rush for gun licenses

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  1. Hopefully lowlifes will think twice after a few of them get a bullet in the face or dick. Firearms are a great equalizer for women,

  2. Good for India they have a really bad rape case over there.
  3. The only thing that worries me about all the new people buying guns is that most of them don't take the time to become educated about how they work. Even in my town, last week at the gun store first timers were coming in and asking the most ignorant sounding questions.

    They also arn't ready to use them to kill, they just want to use them to scare away attackers. Thats not how it works.
  4. In b4 the liberals saying how the rapists deserve more rights...
  5. It's regrettable that women anywhere have to worry about getting attacked.

    Props to these Indian women for taking measures to better protect themselves.

    I am not familiar with gun laws in India, but I hope they do not have to wait forever, or have to jump through so many hoops.
  6. If a woman is inspired to purchase a handgun out of fear of being raped or assaulted by men, it would seem pretty logical that they would learn how to use it. You know, fear of rape being a pretty good motivator and all.

    Better that people take interest in gun ownership without prior knowledge, then take interest in gun control without prior knowledge of firearms.
  7. Learning like evolution is a slow.process.

    Its more.important that they get the guns immedietly for safety, then to take learn.and. risk getting raped in the mean.time
  8. India has restrictive gun control measures, and yet women are still able to become licensed to own a gun to protect themselves.

    Imagine that! Gun control doesn't automatically mean that guns are only in the hands of criminals while innocent civilians are left with no means of protecting themselves.
  9. they are really no guns in india to the public....they will not get a license, let alone a gun.
  10. Gun control in any way is still wrong period! The only ones without the big scary "assault weapons" are the law abiding people. I dont want to be stuck with a revolver if my enemy has an ak or ar.
  11. All it says is that they applied for a license. Doesn't mean that they all will be approved.

    I for one, hope they all are. Because women deserve to be able to have protection
  12. Can men even imagine what it would feel like to be afraid of getting raped?

    Oh, yeah... That's right, it's probably in the top 10 reasons men don't commit crimes. :laughing:
  13. It's definatly a deterrent for me. Being anally raped in prison is at the top of the list of shit I intend to never do in my life.

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