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  2. you defiantly dont sound over 18
  3. Haha you should move out. But that would call for your parents signing an emancipation form, if yall know what I mean.
  4. I stopped reading at 'True stoner'

    Don't smoke in the house.
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    Grow up a little bit and realise maybe that your mom has been through alot and maybe she just doesn't want you to turn out like your older brother or your dad because she has obviously had some bad experience with that kind of shit. Instead of being like "hey mom look! weed is good! see?" Realise that the only thing that she needs to hear is your understanding of what she's been through and the honest truth whether you are going to smoke or not. I personally think that you should focus on developing a better relationship with your mom and give up on the weed for a while until your more mature because by the sound of it, right now you are still dependant on your mom whether you want to believe it or not. Good luck bro.
  6. Tl,dr.

    However, with insightyful mind and your synopsis I think I can help.

    WE NEED:
    5 dozen peacan nuts.
    5 6# thick climbing ropes.
    Some common sense( hey man, don't feel bad,it boosts confidence).
    5grams of balsamic rock salt
    4 buckets of water

    Take above items to a fountain in the congain jungle surrouned with thorns.

    Here, hail the name OVERLOAD MANJUKU COME HITHER. You will be approached by a small monkey at this point, give him a banana as so hill rip not rip your face off.

    And lastly, always...OH MY %$"*&$ GOD THEY HAVE MY BALLS>
  7. Not being able to be grounded...one of the many perks of being 18.....:rollseyes:
  8. i never once said anything about smoking in the house.
  9. I couldn't agree with you more (no sarcasm), thats exactly what she is afraid of, all im saying is i want her to understand what it does for me so she doesn't have to worry about me sneaking around and getting into harder stuff (i.e Cocaine)
    Im not saying im going to talk her into it right away, no no far from. I think i can get all my facts straight, and in the meantime, take a break from weed and have a better relationship with my mom. which is what you said.
    Thanks for the actually helpful post bro.
  10. Just move out, if that's not an option then you should probably shouldn't be smoking.
  11. its really not as simple as that
  12. Show her Granny's List. If that doesn't work, don't smoke in the house and just deny it. If they 'catch' you again, though you probably need to look into getting your own place and follow the way of you're brother. Really you're more vulnerable than your brother was since you're 18 and they can legally kick you out. You brother really should have just stopped smoking at 16 and waited instead of jumping ship. lol Learn from his mistakes. Be the man you are. ;)

  13. It really is.

  14. it is when you're over 18
    by the looks of it you're like 15 in which case your mother has every right to not want you smoking because it's not healthy at your age
  15. haha i realize the "true stoner" makes me look like a fag.

  16. This type of argument doesn't really work with 15 year olds without some kind of valid source(s) to back it up. Considering you were a 15 once, I'm not even sure why you'd even try that type of comment. Seems feeble and pointless, IMHO. :eek:
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    Yes, i am aware but she would rather me take anti depressants. Plus read the post, I didn't once say that she has no right to not let me smoke. That is not at all what im saying, i want to change her perspective because antidepressants can do the same damage, or even more damage that pot, in some cases the damage can be fatal.

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