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    My friend Q tried bying a 16th(1.75G) from our guy but his car and phone we're in his friends possession. When they dropped the bud off they sped off but they gave us Grass like picked up off a lawn in a sonic hamburger bag. We open it after they left. Q kept calling them he texted them "You fucked up" We get our friend K to call them asking for an 8th they show up and K pulls a baseball bat on them saying where is Q's Money and Q runs around the corner with a Molotov cocktail ready to throw it.

    The molotov was fake but it messed them up in the head. K says you got 10 seconds to give me Q's money or im bashing your head in with a bat. They try and speed off K bashes in their side mirror in passengers side.

    We book it down the street because this happened on an off street. We start to run to our buddies house that literally lives one street down and the whole street leads to his house it's a dirtroad. As i'm running down the rode they hit me with the car. I get up and start to run the other way.(Running back the way we came from) A kid gets out of the back he was twice my size in muscle and had like 6 inches of height on me. As I'm running from him i stop half way down the main road. He throws a punch and skids my face i throw one and then tackle him. I punch him again while on the ground. A ton of people in cars had stopped and were yelling and people we're looking over their fences to see what had happened.

    The kid got up and walked away but his buddies had left him there. Later they came back to E's house and broke in and stole his Xbox360 and his games. So they have hit and run, burglary(Felony) and they keep texting K saying they're going to kick his ass because he smashed the mirror. The kid who owns the car the "guy" in the first few sentences lent his car to these kids while he was at community services funny part is it's his mom's car.
  2. Your ability to tell a story is shit but I think I got the gist of it.
  3. Yes I'm aware my abilities are poopy(pretty high right now lol) Can't help that.
  4. i had alot of trouble following that story but it sounds crazy
  5. Goddamn dude retype that story when you're not baked out of your mind.
  6. Way to handle the situation :hello: :smoking: Atleast they didn't get off with your money easy
  7. PARAGRAPHS. If you're capable of typing somewhat coherently then you can definitely hit the enter key a few times to make reading that shit easier.
  8. Damn, that sounds crazyy..I hope karma gets there asses:)
  9. Who is this "E" character you randomly threw in at the end?

    BTW It doesn't matter how many felonies they have against you, you tried to purchase weed off them in the first place. If they're going down, so are you.
  10. E is the kid who ownes the driveway where i got ran down and who got his xbox robbed he ahd nothing to do with it.
  11. You guys better be paying him back for all of that.......

  12. PAy him back for what the kids who ran me down are the ones who stole the xbox and E is our friend

  13. your ability to make me laugh is superb.
  14. and thats why all of my drug dealers are my friends
  15. If he doesn't get the $$$ from them, then it's on you. You ran to his house and he wasn't involved before that, right? So it's your fault his stuff got jacked.
  16. Honestly it's not It's Q's because he got jacked. His money at loss and everything I was just there at the time,
  17. Okay well I was saying you as in everyone involved besides E. I'm just saying that if I were E, I'd be looking for some $$$

  18. damn man you sound like a bitch ass friend...cause I mean even though you werent buying it i'm sure you were gonna smoke it. So you blame Q for E's shit getting jacked cause he was the one buying the sack? That's fucked up dude, i'm glad you're not my friend
  19. damn...

    that was confusing, but thats crazy op...

  20. WTF BRO I WAS JUST THERE HE WAS GOING TO SMOKE ME UP BUT AT THE SAME TIME I DIDNT DO ANYTHING I WAS JUST THERE AT THE TIME I REALLY HAD 0% TO DO WITH IT. Innocent in this whole thing the point of me telling the story is that i got the worst of it and I did nothing at all. All my friends didnt have to fight or get hit by a car but i am the one that it happened to I backed them up How am I a bad friend because it was the DEALERS fault now that i think about it for being a scumbag. Maybe you should learn a bit first I've smoked him up with dank countless times and he's rarely ever returned the favor. So this was going to be a favor returner.

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