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Discussion in 'General' started by NumanBristalore, Aug 3, 2011.

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  1. I never get why people who have such low post counts have to have their account deleted...
  2. Yeah 6 posts and from 07? Wat the fuck
    maybe he waants a new username
  3. Don't worry, if your from 07' and have fucking 6 posts, nobody will take your posts seriously anyways. Considered them deleted, by a technicality.
  4. First you have to explain your username.
  5. post per a day 0.0045801526717557251908396946564885
  6. Why don't you just not log in anymore?
  7. Ok I deleted it.
  8. Lol dude he's asking to get his account deleted, not for you to respect his posts :laughing:
  9. :cool:ok so if u want a new username just let me know.

    and i can give u pass codes to unlock secret levals and other infinity cheat codes.

    just hit me up
  10. You're still here. That's the man holding you down.

  11. FUCK THE MAN!! *Raise giant middle finger the size of pluto*
  12. They probably tried weed a couple times, decided they didn't like it, and wanted to sever all ties with the community.
  13. But he is still here!
  14. Why do people get their accounts deleted? Does the 1st Amendment not protect being part of communities like this?
  15. Paranoia.
  16. He's probably sittin there smokin a bowl, sketchin, all like "MAAAAN THE COPS ARE GONNA SEE THAT POST ON GRASSCITY IM SO FUCKED!!!!"
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