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Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by sevintoid, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Ello everyone! I have a few questions. Unfortunately it seems I have this disorder (along with a very very severe case of sleep apnea) I was reading up on the "cures" for this disorder and it seems I've tried every single one, except pot. I smoke a lot of pot, I've just never used it to fall asleep, most of the strains I smoke don't induce sleep. What strains help with this?

    I currently live in Ohio, and I'm curious how prevalent this disorder is in according with being prescribed. I understand its not legal in Ohio, I'm really just curious about Michigan, Cali, and Colorado.

    Is there anyone else out there who use weed to help with this disorder? Thanks!
  2. sleep apnea? sounds nasty, try doing breathing exercises right before you go to bed and as for the "Put you to Bed weed"
    its kinda hard to tell what kinda strains (bought on the street) are gonna be indica or sativa, but if i were you i would save up for sum really good nug, and conserve it until an hour or two before you go to bed and just take it from there, im sure there are other people with these experiences on some threads, but Grasscity isnt the only one on the web, try subscribing to all of em, you got, .......etc those are the only ones i can name off the top of my head but perhaps they may have some answers if you dont get any on here...
    anyways, keep us all posted as i used to suffer from very mild sleep apnea(i think)
  3. Yeah sleep apnea isn't a joke specially when you have it as bad as I do. I noticed during middle school I wasn't getting good sleep, but powered my way through it until about 2 years ago(I'm 23 now) where my body has literally shut down. I'm tired all the time (although tired is an abstract concept to me at this point) and when I did my sleep study they told me I'm sitting at a 38 event an hour number. 30 is considered severe, so yeah its bad I get roughly 20 mins of sleep per hour I sleep. I've had my machine for over a year, with no real help. It sucks :\

    I'm really more concerned with this Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, I just recently learned about it, and I seem to have every single symptom. I've learned to deal with the feeling of tiredness, but the fact my sleep pattern seems to be 6am-4am (10 hours is normally what I need to function without my mask). I never considered weed to help with this issues, but I may look into it.

    Getting primo bud isn't an issue I have access to many different kinds/strains all top notch and saving isn't an issue either. I'm so angry I'm out right now otherwise I would seriously try to medicate right now and see how it works.
  4. I have issues with a screwed up circadian rhythm from fibromyalgia, and don't get restorative sleep. I found that an indica is just as or more affective as expensive prescription medications. I can use mmj for the pain, sleep, anxiety, all rolled into one. If I don't take anything, I can get to sleep until at least 3 am, and that doesn't fly with a little kid to take care of.

    If you have apnea though, I would look into going another route with dosing. (edibles, tinctures, vap) You've got a problem with a restricted airway during your sleep, and smoking may or may not make it a little worse.
  5. You might consider trying edibles to help. Due to the THC being absorbed differently it gives you a different body calming high which can really put you to sleep. The cannapeanut butter hits hard and takes very little herb to start with so it might be a good starting point to give edibles a try.

    Maybe the following strains might help: Link
    Insomnia: Social Awareness, Emotional Stability: Black Domina, Butterscotch Hawiian, Trainwreck, Afgani, William's Wonder, Blueberry.
  6. Well last night I tried smoking till I pass out to see how well it works in fixing a sleep pattern. I smoked a ton of fire from 9pm-11pm I fought passing out (was at a friends) till 1am, but very easily could have passed out sooner, woke up at 5am and went to bed. Woke up seemed fine. I don't know if I have the weed to to keep this up, but this does seem to help. My friend said I didn't even snore which is odd because of my sleep apnea. Seemed to work pretty well overall.

    Thanks for suggestions and help. Cheers
  7. I was diagnosed with this a few months ago, Ive had it since I was around 8 years old, but just found out about it now in my early 20s :( It was a surreal expierance learning about the disease for the first time, it followed my life to the letter....
    Anyways cannabis helps, but only midly for me, it will shave off an hour or two of tossing and turning in the bed but thats it, atleast for me.
  8. Try to have DSPD and work rotating shifts , really fucks your shit upSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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