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Delaware Jack sour pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by KMKJack, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Very nice Jack sour pickup had a 1/2 picks like a lil under a quarter very nice strain, tooons of crystals nice lil purps all throughout really great bud, gotta love the delaware dank

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  2. Beautiful, I smoked some stuff like two days ago that looked like that. Very fire
  3. Was it grown outdoors?

    I've smoked some outdoor sour(not jack sour) and it looked like that.

    I love the taste man! good fire you got in your hands!
  4. Iduno as to wether it was outdoors on not, but true that it is quite tasty :)
  5. good way to represent the 302! :D

    what did u pay for that?? looks real dank
  6. looks dank, keep the dank photos coming!!!
  7. Haha yea methinks delawares not really know for the dank so i'm thinkin s'bought time it should b lol btw was 230$ a half oz
  8. hint of purp!
  9. Delaware dank..? i can never find that shit lol.
  10. wtff?! dude, thats bullshit): im jelous...fuck you.
  11. Yeeeep, stuff is delicious.
  12. Yupp there was definatly a good bit of purps throughout, though not so much on the outside more round the stem n such though there were a few particularly nice buds that were swimming in it, and for all of those in DE the shyts definatly around, just gotta look around a lil bit in the past few weeks we have had the jack sour, some grandaddy purps, skunk X Haze, and its only gettin better :) gotta love the fall harvest
  13. Delaware dank will be getting up there soon, i swear their was a frost by now, it was like 40 degree's last night!

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