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Deja Vu, what do you think it is?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by PeanutThePhilospher, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Literally every time I get high I feel a case of deja vu and it scares me.

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  2. You get the strange feeling you've been stoned before?
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  3. Like yes haha I've been stoned I get that
    But there gets a point where that deja vu feeling straight mind fucks me and scares me
  4. So to update because I didn't type what I initially wanted earlier. Deja Vu, what do you think it is? Like your view upon the whole feeling of it?

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  5. It's weird, that's all I have to say on the matter.
  6. The power to see the future but not control it.
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  7. Dreams you have forgotten about most likely. I have excellent dream recall and many times i remember the Deja Vu experience was a dream i had few weeks ago.
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  8. I agree completely with what fox said
  9. Sounds like you are living the same life over and over again
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  10. I've had dreams that seemed so f'n real that it took awhile to realize that it was only a dream and never happened. Talk about wild man.....lol
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  11. Here is how I have come to understand it, in the simplest terms.

    There are two ways in which Deja Vu is known to occur:

    Your hippocampus is responsible for remembering new places and experiences for use later. The hippocampus must determine which details are pertinent and when to stop "recording" otherwise you would remember every detail all of the time and that wasn't useful to homo sapiens in nature. Once in a while the "recording function" doesn't turn off when it is supposed to and results in a feeling that you have been somewhere before. Apparently as the new memory is being formed, it is being simultaneously overwritten by itself. Some individuals have a very specific type of damage to this portion of the brain and do not have the ability to stop "recording." This is called Hyperthymesia and it is thought to be related to Deja Vu.

    The second, also involves the hippocampus making new memories. If two memories are very similar to each other, they overlap in the brain and the feeling of deja vu takes place.

    Deja vu feeling all in the brain
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  12. That was very informitive and well put

    Awesome Stuff Black-Syth
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  13. A sudden and short concious awareness of the simulation of our entire percieved reality controlled by some more intelligent life form. Think of it like a video game lag
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  15. i
    as someone whos taken a high school biology course and has a father who has worked in the operating room/psych ward of a county hospital for 8ish years, i can say with great confidence that deja vu is french for "already been seen"
  16. weird i think my phone is glitching that reply may have posted twice^ WHICH I JUST REALIZED IS IRONIC BC WE'RE TALKING ABOUT DEJA VU

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