Deja vu anyone??

Discussion in 'General' started by smooth08, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. deja vu or however it is spelled, any of you guys ever feel that sense that youve been there before??

    its not uncommon for me to see something, maybe something as simple as like a specific person walking, or anything, that triggers the sense that you have already experienced that moment, or you feel like its from the past?

    the scary part is every once in a while, i will have the feeling that ive already experienced that moment, and something bad happened after that, from like a dream or w/e. but its kinda crazy....

    i dunno if any of you ever get anything wierd like that, but i think its pretty wild
  2. Whenever I get it, its like a rush going thru my body its so weird.
  3. Growing up, I ALWAYS had that feeling. I can't remember in detail anymore, but it seemed to happen on a regular basis as a kid, that i had been in certain places times before, always made me shudder.

    Currently, i have not had that feeling in quite some time. But i know exactly what you mean, like you have already done it, been there, in that exact situation, possibly with the same people, yet it is a new experience to you completely. My only reasoning is that POSSIBLY i dreamt the situation and it is now coming to be. Or possibly a past life?
  4. ya man, it makes me wonder about time travel almost, like maybe time works totally different than we thought, and my past experiences somehow overlapped with one in my future, making me have a recolection.....

    i dunno fa sho im really fuckin toasted, but if u get that feeling, there HAS to be a reason why, i really think maybe it has something to do with time....
  5. I always liked to believe it dealt with dreams and that humans had some extra ability that no one ever knew about, that in some way gave us a glimpse into other things (not real likely, but i still like to think about it, dreams have always fascinated me)

    The thing that kind of makes me think more, is that fact that those situations happened to me often as a child, but i cannot recall it ever happening in say, the last 10-12 years. Maybe my brain has just shut down whatever was giving me those feelings since then?
  6. I was in LA for the weekend and I was in someone's apartment that I had never met before and I looked up and the image I saw of the apartment was crazy deja vu, like I new that apartment and I knew the person too....

  7. Time, space, souls, and the mind are things that make my brain hurt to think about
  8. smoke a little more weed, it'll help with the pain :laughing:
  9. ^lol. well intresting thought TB i have always wanted to know what our dreams are and how they come about. now deja vu is a whole nother story i have the weirdest deja vu. and for some reason i had it more when i was in high school, now that i have a job my whole life is a deja vu, so i guess i dont notice things as much as i did b4 when i was in school.
  10. Deja' Vu is seriously creepy, as are preminitions.:eek:

    Ever hear of Vuja Dey?? Thats when you know this shit never happened before:laughing::bongin:
  11. An italian neurologist (friend of the family) told me back in the day how deja vu's work. Basically - with simple terminology - when your brain cells send signals, sometimes one doesn't arrive to the center on time - or damaged - so the central gland sends another impulse requesting that information again.. so partial information arrives, then the information arrives again.. and you got yourself a deja-vu.

  12. I think it's Jaimus Vu.

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