dehydrator drying?

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  1. Would it be possible to dry fresh cut bud with a dehydrator? Would it hurt anything? Anyone ever tried? Thanks
  2. do not do that......any frsch bud shouldnt even be cut of the plant your supose to let the whole plant hang 4-8 weeks any other way an youll end up with hay smellin cant force the drying or the crystals wont stand out
  3. yeah dude.. that thing will suck the stink right out of your buds.. you want to dry as slow as possible without risking mold.
  4. the only problem is i dont have a place where i could dry them for that long inside a house or a building
  5. yea thats a problem.....the only way to do it without hang drying ive seen with success is drying it in a glass mason jar or another air sealed glass jar....but oe factor that might belaver the facts is the air....they need fans to keep air curculation....but the jar has proved me wrong cause ive smoked some dank ass mason cured weed
  6. drying and curing are 2 different things. if its not mostly dry in a week or so, u will probably have mold issues. then u can cure it however you want...

    u can dry it up in the dehydrator, but it will be like smoking corn cobs. if thats what ur after, do it up. if ur jusnt wantin to get some smoke, and arent concerned with resale value, or preserving all the smell/taste, look into water curing. its smokable in less than 10 days, and is great smoke
  7. yeah i just want to dry them. Also im not looking for the resale value
  8. water cure. just do a search for it, and read up
  9. I'm with Stinky on this one.... of course, with every pro there's a con.

    Water cure will 'alter' your bud - it wont look like 'normal' dank weed, nor will it smell/burn/taste like it either. However, there is absolutely NO smell during the 'water cure' even when you finally do remove the water to air dry the buds.

    A dehydrator is AWESOME when you're outta bud and need to 'quick dry' some dank for a puff. 30-60mins after putting in, you can puff it up. But that's the ONLY time I'd ever use one.
  10. Check yourself next time you plan on posting.
    Its the dumbest thing Ive heard...well one of them, that your not suppose to cut any branches off our it will smell like hay. It smells like hay cause someone got lazy, and didnt dry properly (too quickly), or didn't even cure. When I harvest I cut the stalk in the dark, then turn the lights on, remove the individual branches from the main stalk, and manicure all the fan leaves off, and depending on the bud I remove the sugar leaves entirely, or trim them even with the bud. All the main stalk is a storage of water, remove that, and your dry time is drasticly reduced. Hang dry your branches of bud in a dark room with humidity between 45-50%, and temps around 65-70*F. Keeping these factors from fluctuating will keep your buds drying at a nice even pace. This should go for 5-8days roughly, to check when they are done drying the outside of the buds will be crisp, and the stems of the buds should snap when bent over rather then just folding over.

    stevie curing isn't ment for just resale value, its for a better, smoker smoke. Ill explain... Curing in an air tight mason jar, ect. helps draw the m oisture from the center of the buds to the outside. Drying doesn't remove moisture from the center of your buds that well. Any veteran smoker will attest to the fact that fresh bud is WAY WAY less potent then properly dried, and cured bud. Why is that? Because THC is in an acidic non-psychoactive form with moisture present, in order to turn it into its neautral psychoactive form moisture must be removed. The more moisture removed the more THC is converted to its psychoactive form (you get twisted way easier). You can't dry your plants too quickly or they will lock the moisture inside the buds, and they won't cure as well, so slow, and steady is the name of the game.

    THAT is a terrible idea. Sticky freshly cut ganja into mason jars to cure is a great recipe for mold. The buds MUST be dried slowly, and properly before going into Mason jars for the curing period. Drying, and curing are 2 things.

    I hope that helps, sorry its a novel, but I think things should be done properly, or don't grow ganja at all. Have any specific questions Ill be checking in on this thread.

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