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  1. I'm looking into getting a dehumidifier for a 4x4 grow tent and I was wondering if anyone can give me advise on how many ounces/ day extraction I should be looking for? Or what do i look for? It seems the amount of extraction per day is what i shoupd look for as someone that knows nothing about dehumidifiers.. The RH in my basement is 70% +/- if that matters but I also have a lot of sweaty pipes I can insulate to cut the RH down if I need to
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    Will this mini one be good? 220-300ml ( o think thats around 8-10 oz..) extraction per day

    The link didn't work so I deleted it and here's the basic specifications of the unit

    Materials: ABS plastic
    Power adaptor : 9V DC 2.5Amp
    Water tank capacity: 550ml
    Dehumidifiers amount: 200-300ml/day
    Dehumidify area:about 66 square feet
    Product size: 6.5"(L)8.9"(H)x4.9"(W)
    Working environment : Over 15℃, over 45% RH
    Water Level Detector : Automatic switch off with “Red” LED Indicator when water tank is full

    Efficient and stable dehumidification
    The dehumidifier, installed with a high-speed centrifugal and circular-wind fan, has an outstanding ability to remove up to 300 ml of moisture from the air per day. It features motor overload protection to ensure a long and stable lifespan.
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    Very doubtfully. You will need to take care of the moisture in the entire basement. You will constantly be pulling in damp air from tge basement with your tents ventilation.

    Also remember dehumidifiers put off heat. So alongside your tents ventilation making it almost useless it may cause heat issues. The sourcw of your fresh air needs dehumidifier for this to work. So I other words you will need a dehumidifier large enough to handle your basement if that's where your drawing air from
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  4. Yea true.. I was only thinking about the tent space itself not pulling in moisture from the tent vents... good point..

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