degrassi's back in my schedule [=

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  1. i used to watch degrassi EVERYTIME it was on. i started watching it in 7th grade and continued until 11th because the characters are my age. i havent watched it for about 2 years and the other night, i was laying on my futon blazed out of my mindd and i watched degrassi for 2 hours =D dude i've missed so much!

    call me a freak for loving this show, but its pretty rad. well, i guess a lot of dudes don't really like it haha. some do, but not many. i could talk about that damn show forever. it's like my 2nd world. when i'm watching that, i feel as though im there. one of those type's of shows that people can reallyyyyyyyy get into.

    so if you're a degrassi fan, lets start discussing [=

  2. My older sister's a big fan of it, and I watched it with her every once in a while. She has a few seasons but I don't think she's too into it anymore. Btw, I'm from pa too :p.
  3. My brother and sister and I watch that show and make jokes the whole way through. It's what we always want to watch when we're high. The acting is so bad, and the plots are so poorly written. Everything is so fuckin' funny. It's like Canadian propaganda. It's also fun to watch because on some level I get a little caught up with the stories- but I can't take it seriously.

    Did you see the episode where Page gets high. It's so funny because it's such a TRUTH commercial. She's doin' stuff you just wouldn't do if you were high, and it's so ridiculous. Also, Spinner smokes pot in an episode because he has testicular cancer, haha.

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